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12 Facts About Nigeria You Should Know


Although Nigeria is developing rapidly, some old traditions and habits are still followed there. Unfortunately, most of the habits related to men and their relation with wives are old and must be changed. 

Oh, spaghetti, who doesn’t love spaghetti? absolutely, no one, we all love it and prepare it many times a week, but Nigerians add some extras to make it unique, especially a beef stew which is made of beef, onions, peppers, tomatoes, seasoning cube, spices. 

Facts about life in Nigeria

Obviously, life in Nigeria is not too especially for women who are aggrieved by their men. Don’t be surprised, and let’s discover some amazing facts about life in Nigeria then call us at Travelstart to book your ticket and visit this amazing traditional country:

1- Till this century, most Nigerian men are still giving the final decision. Expecting their women to follow their orders without even saying their own opinion. 

2- Women are treated as second in command who just obey their man’s orders. 

3- It is a disaster if the woman doesn’t know how. to cook. 

4- A responsible woman is good that having a good knowledge and experience regarding domestic works 

5- The Nigerian community enforces the man to build his own home and take care of himself at the age of 30 maximum or he’ll be considered irresponsible.

6- The Nigerian man works hard for their families and pays all the bills.

7- The Nigerian man wakes up early and goes to work then come back in the evening every single day without seeing this as a routine or unfair. 

8- Obviously, Nigerian men love their families so much, especially their kids. They would do anything to please them. 

9- Some said that Nigerian guys are naturally dishonest. That’s not true. Every country has bad and good guys. 

10- Most Nigerian guys in leave all women outside and come back home to marry a Nigerian woman. 

11- They actually like dependent women who follow their orders and spend her day preparing food for them. 

12- They see themselves as the helper for the woman so they have to love and take care of her. 

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