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3 Reasons to plan your Mumbai to Goa travel in Angriya cruise


A new cruise liner launched known as the Angriya Cruise goes from Mumbai to Goa. It has made various voyages on the sea routes of Mumbai to Goa. This is the first domestic cruise liner which has given India and Indians a sense of happiness and pride. Angriya cruiseflaunts a high legacy of the first admiral of the Maratha navy, SarkhelKanhojiAngre famously known as the Shivaji of the Indian sea. 

Angriya cruise will give you the experience of a Lifetime: Everybody, in a lifetime, desires to board on the cruise ship. Well, Angriya cruise ship will make you experience everything you ever dreamt of. It will give you the best floating experience with no land in sight. This is your golden chance to enjoy and visit the Japanese cruise in India as the cruise was made in Japan and most of the designs and interiors are very Japanese and minimalistic. The rooms are beautifully decorated with proper furniture and the cherry on the cake is the alluring view from the rooms. In addition to that, it comes with a magical infinity pool where one can take a dip into the ocean water with the blue sky above his head. The best time to take a dip is just before the sun sets as the view offered at that time is complete bliss.

It is exquisite and luxurious: Angriya cruise is providing you with an infinity pool, a vast deck, and the scintillating lounge. You can enjoy live music from exclusive brands.399 people can travel along with 67 crew members. It has two restaurants which had Konkan, continental, Italian and Chinese cuisines. There is an Ancora restaurant which has a real Anchor and includes a coffee shop which is open 24/7. The cruise has a gym and under the level spa. There are various kinds of rooms on offer and one can select the most suitable one depending upon his or her budget. The pricing starts at Rs 6300 and goes up to Rs 10,130 (all the pricing mentioned above are on the basis of per person scheme).

Allows your soul to rejuvenate: Angriya cruise allows you to feel the breeze through its open deck. Through the open deck, one can enjoy the marvellous view of the sea and feel the breeze in your hair. With this feature, you can live the sea magic and it provides you with a never-before cruise experience. It also comes with Gaza Deck, Monkey Deck, and also a Swimming Pool Deck only for you so that you can get close with your partner and with the gorgeous sea. If you are planning to listen to the blissfully fascinating sound of the sea then Gaza Deck is one where you should spend most of your time. It is specially crafted to provide you with a magnificent experience and allows you to discover the ship slice through the ocean as it is the forward-most deck of the ship. Moving on to the monkey deck, it offers you a 360-degree view of the entire ocean as it is the top-most deck of the ship. When it gets dark, one can gaze at the sky above and get mesmerized by the glow of the stars.

If you are planning to go a Mumbai to Goa cruise to spend your vacations then Angriya cruise can be a great option to enjoy a lifetime experience. It offers amazing features at an affordable price point, which makes it stand out from other cruise companies. One gets to enjoy various views from different decks of the massive ship. Thanks to the Angriya cruise, Indians now do not need to hover abroad in order to enjoy the comfort and luxury of a cruise ship.

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