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5 Beach Cart Maintenance Tips


When summer is upon you, the desire to hit the beach becomes strong. The best tool to carry your gear and hold all your belongings is a beach cart designed to travel on soft sand easily. You do not have to feel compelled to stay close to the parking area but can conveniently travel further down the beach for that perfect sunbathing spot.

However, the work that these carts do can make certain parts become worn faster. Here are some helpful maintenance tips you can use to prolong the life of your cart.

Keep the Tires Properly Inflated

Just as with any other vehicle, the air pressure in the tires can impact their longevity and functionality. Too much pressure in the balloon tires of your beach cart can stretch their material excessively, making them more vulnerable to developing lumps. It is best to keep air pressure to as low a PSI as possible. Before you first use the cart, inflate the tires and leave the cart out in the sun to see how they expand under the heat. Doing this will allow you to check that there is no deformity.

Give a Regular Clean

Beach carts are often used to transport food and drinks. Spills can happen, and it is best to clean them up as soon as possible. Leaving remnants of food can attract vermin and cause the fabric to become weak and prone to tears. Even without food spills, just a day on the beach will cause some sand and other dirt to build up. You can wipe it down with a damp cloth, but once in a while, take time to disassemble the cart and clean each part thoroughly using detergent, water, and a brush. Ensure that you also thoroughly dry the parts as you reassemble to avoid rust.

Coat the Metal

With time and exposure to saltwater and air, the metal parts of your beach cart can suffer some corrosion. You can help avoid this by giving your cart a regular clean and ensuring it is thoroughly dried before storage. You can also give it an extra protective layer by coating the metal parts with Vaseline or other protective oil. You can talk to a local bicycle repairer or check the user manual to find out what alternatives you can use for this.

Inspect Regularly

Inspections are best done during cleaning. Take time to check the condition of less visible areas like wheel bearings and support springs. If you discover a part that looks damaged or worn, find suitable replacements. You can easily find most parts online. Also, check that everything is well fastened to avoid your cart coming apart when in use.

Store Correctly

When you are not using your beach cart, maybe because the seasons have changed, it is good to put it in storage correctly. If it is foldable, fold it before storing it. Take out the interior fabric, disassemble, wash all parts and dry thoroughly before stashing it away. Be sure to take off the tires and deflate them. With no air pressure to contend with from within, nothing is straining the rubber walls unnecessarily when they are not in use, which will help prolong their life. Cover all the parts with a bag to protect them during long-term storage. Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture.

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