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7 Must-Try Singapore Street Food, Delicious And Cheap


Visiting a country that is included in the list of The World’s 50 Best Cities for Street Food-Obsessed Travelers by CEOWORLD Magazine is incomplete if you don’t try street food in Singapore.

Of course, with the abundance of street food in Singapore, it is impossible to taste all of them in one day. Your stomach will explode if you hold all the street food in Singapore. Therefore, we recommend renting a hotel, one of the most recommended is Resorts World Sentosa – Hotel Michael.

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Here are 7 must-try best street food in Singapore:

1. Popiah

The first recommendation is popiah, a snack that comes from the Fujian area, China. Unlike the original popiah, in Singapore, this dish is filled with jicama and the skin is not fried. Popiah has a large size, so you can feel full even if you eat just one portion of popiah.

2. Carrot Cake

Although the name is carrot cake, this street food does not contain carrots, but white radish and rice flour. In Singapore, white radish is often called white carrot, so it is not surprising that this food has been nicknamed carrot cake. How to process carrot cake is by steaming, then cutting into cubes, and finally frying with garlic and eggs.

3. Rojak

The location of Singapore, which is not far from Indonesia, makes Indonesian specialties quite easy to find, one of which is rojak. Rojak contains various fruits. Then, it is equipped with dry-fried tofu. Similar to rojak in its home country, the fruits and tofu are eaten with peanut sauce.

4. Singapore Chicken Rice

This Singaporean street food is very popular and much sought after by travelers. Singaporean Hainanese, called Singapore Chicken Rice, is made of braised chicken. Having a soft texture and savory taste, it’s no wonder that this food can be found in many Hawker Centers to 5-star restaurants.

5. Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast is suitable to be eaten during breakfast. Made from white bread with eggs and coconut, then baked with butter, the taste of Kaya Toast will not be found in other countries. Some places even add soy sauce and pepper to make Kaya Toast even more delicious. Or there are also those who dip Kaya Toast into the egg mixture.

6. Char Kway Teow

The meaning of Char Kway Teow is stir dried rice noodles, you can find them easily at hawker centers. Char Kway Teow contains a mixture of noodles, rice, and eggs, then added with Chinese sausage or also called Lap Cheong.

To add a savory taste, Char Kwang Teow is mixed with Chinese chives and lard. Also, added vegetables to give it a fresh taste. You can also add lime juice, it’s optional.

7. Laksa

Laksa has many variants, in Singapore itself, laksa is made from chicken or shrimp broth with evaporated milk. The laksa filling consists of white noodles and rice flour.

From sweet to sour, these 7 recommended street foods consist of the best and most popular food in Singapore.

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