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A guide to travel around China with a low budget


Asia is one of the few places where you can save more while traveling. Most people like to travel and explore new places, but their one true obstacle is the high budget required. You can travel around China on a low budget by choosing the best and most affordable China tour package. Here are some of the tips that you need to keep in your mind while traveling around China.

Choose a hostel instead of a hotel

The common thought is that most of the hostels lack privacy and are tidy and uncomfortable, which is completely untrue. There are hostels in China that are well-maintained and match the standards of popular hotels. Save money on accommodation by opting for hostels that are of high quality and are yet affordable.

Use the right cards

You don’t always have to pay in the currency of the country that you are visiting. A certain percentage of the amount to be paid is paid as an additional charge when you pay in a different currency. Pay using cards that offer a low exchange rate and in turn, save your money. Cards that offer a low exchange rate will be beneficial for you in the long run as well.

Choose trains over planes:

It is a fact that when you travel by train instead of a plane, you save 75% of the cost spent on traveling. And when you choose to travel during the night, you save the cost of accommodation. So, if you have enough time on your hand, prefer traveling via trains to save your money.

Do not spend more time in big cities

Remember that the money required to travel in the major cities in China is 2 to 4 times higher when compared to that required in comparatively smaller cities. So, choose the things you wish to do in big cities wisely. Or you can move around the country and explore more cities while saving the excess money spent in big cities.

China is one of the greatest places to enjoy nature and explore big cities as well. But the main concern of many people is their low budget. Money will not be a barrier if you plan well for a great trip. So, do proper research on China Tourism, plan your trip accordingly and have a trip of a lifetime.

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