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How to choose an apartment for rent in Doha, Qatar, when you start over

Finding apartments for rent in Doha is simple from the offering point of view. The country is new and the real estate market is continuously developing. People are different and the issue occurs for choosing the best flat for rent for you. Our advice is to concentrate on what you expect and need in the long term versus your budget.

From here on, we give you several criteria you should choose from:

Time in Qatar versus property type:

  • If you are to spend in Doha less than two years in Doha you should consider renting a fully furnished apartment.
  • When planning to live in Doha for two to five years, the best option is to rent an unfurnished apartment and design as per your own taste and comfort.
  • For staying for 5, 6 years or more, depending on your income, you might already consider properties for sale in Qatar. You are to have your own apartment and a 5 % -10% ROI.

Marital Status

  • For living as a single person in Qatar your first option is to rent a studio apartment. These are large enough to suit a high degree of comfort. In our listing, this type of property is larger than 50 sqm.
  • When inhabiting the apartments along with your family, the situation changes. You have to take into consideration aspects like the number of rooms, surface, facilities of the residential area and around it, neighborhood, schools, playground, eventually an extra room for maid/babysitter.

Income versus rent:

  • When choosing an apartment for rent verify what type of utilities you have to pay beyond rental price. You may have to pay Qatar cool and KAHRAMAA for your flat.
  • Compare your monthly income minus rental, considering at the same time the costs for living.

For best options upon your taste, you may browse the real estate offer on Also ask the team opinion. They are professionals ready to help.

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Why Renting a Vehicle is Necessary for your Next Holiday Trip

A lot of travelers, especially those who like traveling a lot, prefer to use public transportation as a way of getting to their destination. It’s more affordable, reliable, and an easy way to get from point A to point B.

Another option that you can do is to hire a car on vacation to give you more freedom on your next road trip. The thought of driving in a new country can be overwhelming, but it is a unique experience. A lot of travelers choose car rentals during vacation.

Benefits of Renting a Car During Your Vacation

Here are some more benefits you can enjoy when you rent a car for your vacation.

  • Convenience

Renting a car for your next trip gives you the comfort and freedom that your own vehicle does. Self-driving gives you 100% flexibility and complete freedom of movement. You don’t need to follow schedules or any itinerary. You can also change your plans as you go along.

Every single minute of the day counts when you’re visiting a new country. At the same time, you only have a limited number of days. Using public transportation can often take double the time to get somewhere because of the many stops and transfers.

Renting a car means you can plan your days around your own time. You can prepare early to get to an attraction ahead of the tour buses. You can pull over to the side of the road for some picture-taking moments. You can also take unscheduled restroom stops when you need to.

  • Cost-effective

Using public transport can be the cheapest way to get around. However, the level of convenience and freedom it can give you is below average.

When working on a budget for your car rental, calculate your overall costs. Make sure to set aside things like petrol, insurance, and parking.

  • Comfort

Having your vehicle offers a level of comfort that most public transportation cannot provide. You can have easy access to your things and total control who you’re sharing your personal space with.

Comfort is also the ability to keep your space clean. It also means having to pull over when you need to stop for food, air, or the bathroom. Car rentals win in all situations when it comes to comparing levels of comfort.

  • Discovering new destinations

A lot of destinations are a lot more than what’s within their city limits. Driving your own car will widen the scope of the places you can able to see. You won’t get stuck within the limits of one area of the region. Your itinerary will not be limited to attractions that are along public transport routes.

When you need car rentals for your next holiday trip, you can check this website. Keep in mind that the type of transportation you choose can make or break a vacation. Instead of relying on public transit that can limit your destinations, it’s wise to rent your own car.

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Three Things to Look for in a Rental Car

Whether you are travelling via airplane to a new place, or you want to take a road trip without damaging your car, there will eventually come a time when you will want to rent a car. With that being said, there are going to be quite a few things that you want to pay attention to during the rental process. For example, you will want to think about what kind of occasion you are going to be using the car for. If you are taking a vacation in Phuket, and you just want to drive around the island, chances are that you aren’t going to want a large, bulky SUV. On the other hand, if you are moving from one city to the next and you want to bring as many belongings as you can in one trip, then it might be time to rent the largest vehicle that you can find. This is just one of the several things you will want to think about when you consider renting a car.

  1. Consider the Size of the Car

The size of the car is going to be an incredibly important aspect of your car rental in Phuket. While part of this ties into the reason why you are renting a car, a good part of this is going to be determined by how much luggage you will be bringing and how many people will be riding in the car. You should generally go with as small of a car as you can manage so that you can get the best fuel economy. Small cars are also easier to maneuver and drive in inclement weather, which is important to consider when you are already driving a car that may not be familiar to you. Of course, if it turns out that you need a larger car for your purposes, then you should absolutely rent that car. It is simply important to make the most out of your money.

  1. Consider the Features of the Car

To some people, in some situations, the features of the car can play an important role. One example is if you are taking a long road trip and you are renting a car so that your current car doesn’t get the wear and tear of the drive. In this situation, having a car that comes with a GPS is going to be a wonderful addition, as you will be able to see where you need to go without trying to find a way to prop your phone up. Another example could be if you are driving multiple people, and some of them happen to be children. Some cars come with extra room for a child’s car seat. Knowing which features are the most important to you is going to play a big role in finding the car that helps you out the most.

  1. Consider the Purpose of the Car

Finally, you will want to take into consideration the purpose of the car you plan to rent. Cars that have better fuel economy are going to be best for long road trips. Cars that have a considerable amount of cargo space are going to be best for moving large objects. Cars that look beautiful are best for special occasions, whether that means picking up family from the airport or arriving to a wedding. When you choose to rent a car, it is incredibly important that you consider what the purpose of the car is going to be so that you can choose the car that works best for you.

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Important Things to Consider When Renting Houses in Bangkok

Trying to find the perfect rental house isn’t something that you should rush. You want to take your time to be sure that you’re making a good decision. Some people make the mistake of not putting much thought into the rental properties that they’re looking at. If you know what you need, then you should be able to narrow down your search and have an easier time.

When you’re looking for a new house to rent out in Bangkok, you should make sure that you take the time to consider many important things. Renting a nice house in the area isn’t difficult but you do want to be sure that you’re getting the right type of rental home for your family. Take a look at some of the tips below so that you can know what to expect. They should give you some food for thought when you’re looking at your options.

Searching for Properties Online

If you want to be able to narrow down your search for a new rental property, then searching online is a good idea. You can find a good website that has many rental homes available for you to peruse. Finding an excellent 3-bedroom house for rent in Bangkok won’t be difficult at all if you decide to go this route. You’ll be able to find good options and can then set up times where you can look at the homes.

This has the potential to cut down the amount of time that you’re spending looking for a new rental house. You can get a good idea of what to expect and it’s going to be easier to filter houses by size or location. You can make finding the perfect home for your family significantly simpler. Don’t forget how useful using online resources can be when you’re looking for a new place to live.

Is the House Large Enough?

Of course, one of the first things to consider when renting a home in Bangkok is how large the house is. You need to ensure that the home is going to be large enough to meet the needs of your family. It also might be smart to consider whether your family is going to be growing any time soon. For example, you might be planning to have a child and this will require extra room.

You should do your best to choose a rental house that will work well for your needs for quite some time. This will make it so that you can settle into your new rental home with ease. Take your family’s needs into consideration and then see if the home you’re interested in matches up well. If it seems to be too small or even too big, then you might be better off continuing your search.

The Location

The location is a very important factor in how practical the rental property is going to be for you. If you want to be able to have an easy time getting to work, then how close the rental home is to your place of employment will matter. Do you want a short commute? If so, then you should probably narrow your search down to particular neighborhoods in Bangkok to make things simpler.

Can You Afford the Rent?

Being able to afford the rent at your new rental house is also important. There will be many options available and you need to pick one that you can afford without it being too difficult. It’s always smart to consider the financial impact of any big decision such as this. You can also narrow your rental home search down to homes that fall within a specific price range.


Five Fun Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Thailand is becoming a very popular country to visit, and with good reason. The country truly offers something for everyone, and when you’re visiting a well-known city such as Pattaya, you’ll find a large selection of tourist attractions, great hotels, and some awesome scenery as well. Best of all, there are attractions for both adults and children, so it truly offers a multitude of things to do, including the following.

  1. The Floating Markets

If you can imagine shopping in various stores that are all on the water, you’ve just pictured a floating market in your mind. The floating markets in Pattaya offer a variety of stores that sell almost everything you’re looking for, so whether you want to find clothing, household goods, fresh foods, or anything else, you’re very likely to find it there. It is also a very interesting outing because you get from store to store on a relaxing, comfortable boat.

  1. The Art Galleries

There are numerous art galleries in the area, so whether you love contemporary, bold, wild, or traditional art objects, you can easily find an art gallery to your liking. From paintings to photographs and even optical illusions, these art museums offer it all. Even if you’re not particularly fond of visiting art galleries, you are sure to find something unique and even unusual to enjoy, giving you a whole new perspective on the world of art.

  1. The Luxurious Hotels

Regardless of your budget, Thailand offers some amazing hotels to relax in during your down time. After all, you’ll be busy during the day, and, therefore, you’ll need a comfortable place to rest up a bit before the next day’s outing. You can even find a kids club in Pattaya, which caters to the little ones and provides activities such as playgrounds, video games, balloons, costumes to try on, computers to play on, and even free meals and other activities that both kids and parents will appreciate.

  1. Extraordinary Palaces and Temples

Above all else, Thailand offers many attractions with both cultural and historical significance, and this includes some magnificent palaces and temples that you’ll have to see to believe. Try visiting the Big Buddha and some of the other outdoor, brightly colored, and very large palaces and temples. You can even go inside of these facilities and see what life used to be like many years ago, and what life is still like now for many of the citizens.

  1. Swimming in Beaches and Water Parks

Pattaya has a variety of beaches and water parks to enjoy, so if you get a little too much indoor activity one day, you can visit one of these areas and enjoy some nice, cool water for a while. The water at the beaches is clear, and you can even enjoy snorkeling, boat riding, and many other water-based activities. Or, you can spend the day at a water park and enjoy rides and lots of new ways to enjoy the water, providing you with yet another way to create great memories.

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Learn Thai Cooking in Chiang Mai

One of the great places to see in Thailand is Chiang Mai. This city, which is located in northern Thailand, was established in 1296. The Old City area of the city still shows remnants of the enclave’s historical remains as a Buddhist stronghold and Thai cultural center. In fact, the city boasts hundreds of Buddhist temples, two of which include Wat Chedi Luang (built in the 1400s) and Wat Phra Singh (a 14th century landmark).

Schedule a Night Safari

Besides visiting Old City Buddhist temples, you will want to schedule a Chiang Mai safari at night. Safari adventurers can take the tour on foot or visit the site by way of an open-sided tram. This tour, which starts southwest of the Chiang Mai International Airport, features activities such as petting tiger cubs and feeding the area’s wild animals by hand.

Take a Trip to a Mysterious Underground City

The southern part of Chiang Mai City features Wiang Kum Kam, an underground city of ancient tunes. Be prepared to get impressed, as the site is home to stone tablets and sculptures, pottery, and architecture that is Buddhist inspired.

Interact with Retired Elephants

Visit the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, and see retired elephants in their humane habitat. The elephants were once used in the tourism and logging fields. One of the popular interactive activities is bathing the elephants. However, because of the age of the elephants, guests are not permitted to ride them.

Birdwatch at Doi Inthanon

While in Chiang Mai, you can also visit the highest peak in Thailand, known as Doi Inthanon. The incline rises to 2,565 meters, and is considered an ideal birdwatching site. In fact, about 362 species of birds reside in this area.

Learn How to Cook Thai Style

Naturally, all the aforementioned activities will give you an appetite. That is why you also want to schedule a day for learning how to cook Thai specialties at a Chiang Mai Thai cookery school. This will be an important part of your travel experience, as you get to learn firsthand how Thai dishes are made by a local cooking expert. You can choose half-day classes in the morning or evening, or opt for a full-day course or private course that lasts a full day.

Students who set aside a full day of cooking can choose up to five dishes from six categories. You will learn how to make a stir-fried dish, Thai soup, an appetizer, curry paste, curry specialty, and dessert. This type of cooking is just what the doctor ordered – literally. You will learn how to cook heart-healthy dishes and delicious weight-reducing cuisine.

Visit a Handicraft Village

After partaking in this activity, you will be ready to venture out again. Make sure you schedule a trip to Bo Sang Handicraft Village, a place that is known for its handcrafted parasols and umbrellas. In fact, the umbrella is one of Chiang Mai’s most popular symbols. That is because the city has you covered when it comes to experiencing life to its fullest.

If you have never visited Chiang Mai, now is the time to schedule a trip. Whether you go it alone or with your spouse or family, you will find that it is one place that you will never forget.

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The Top Five Attractions in Vientiane

Vientiane is the largest city and the capital of Laos. It lies on the banks of the Mekong River, bordering Thailand. That Luang, one of the most important monuments in the entire city, is located here. Vientiane has become an incredibly popular tourist attraction, and is renowned for the many tourist attractions that you can visit. The food in Vientiane is also incredibly good, so you are going to have the time of your life here. But, if you are visiting Vientiane on a budget and want to cover your trip to get the best of Vientiane, you should start off by making a shortlist. Here are five of the greatest attractions that you can visit in Vientiane.

  1. The Patuxai Victory Monument

One of the biggest Vientiane attractions is the Patuxai Victory Monument. It was designed to look similar to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and has widely become known as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. There are gorgeous carvings of Hindu gods and five additional towers are installed here, resembling the traditional Laotian buildings. This creates a very unique hybrid of places from the east to the west. The monument is located in the Patuxai Park, so it’s a great place to just walk around and enjoy the sunset. Scaling the Patuxai Victory Monument is easy, and you can get some gorgeous views of the city of Vientiane.

  1. Xieng Khuan

Commonly known as the Buddha Park, Xieng Khuan is situated around 25 kilometers away from the city. There are more than 200 statues of religious beings installed all over the green grounds. The center of attraction is the 40 meter high statue of a reclining Buddha. The whole park was conceived by a monk in 1958, and you are going to see a mix of Hindu and Buddhist statues here.

  1. That Luang

The most religious and one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The stupa was built in the 16th century and has a large complex with a central stupa that climbs upwards to a height of 148 feet. There are pretty turrets all around the stupa, and the place is a fantastic choice for people who want to go for a day trip.

  1. The Vientiane Night Market

The Night Market of Vientiane is an incredibly beautiful place. It’s located right at the waterfront and starts up around sunset. You can find a range of different food stalls from where you can buy some traditional Laotian snacks. It’s also one of the least expensive food places throughout Vientiane.

  1. Wat Ho Phra Keo

One of the oldest Buddhist temples in the city, Wat Ho Phra Keo was built back in 1565. The temple is known as the Temple of Emerald Buddha because the Emerald Buddha once used to stand here, though it was taken back by the Thai authorities. If you are going to Vientiane, don’t forget to visit these main attractions!

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Everything You Need to Know About Dubai

What kind of place is this? You are definitely not aware of this place otherwise Dubai would be your only place to go to for holidays every year, every short breaks from your daily hectic busy schedules

This is the time when you should actually take out time for you and choose worthy options to go to and spend money which is literally worth it.

Dubai literally makes sure that you get into every possible location which has tons of entertainment activities for you. People also visit Dubai because they see how other people are so pleased and satisfied with their Dubai holidays. Dubai is a place which is one for all. You’ll get everything here.

One of the very much widely visited place in Dubai is Dubai desert safari

This desert will make your jaws drop and eyes wide open. This desert is literately something which is like indescribable. You are most probably about to have the best time of your life.

What are the activities for your leisure time??

Dubai desert safari is not at all going to disappoint you. It will make you feel so good and real. You’ll be astonished by each and every thing here.

Some mind blowing activities include

Camel riding which is very much special and these camel rides make Dubai what it is today. Desert camel rides are bumpy but fun too. There’s an arabian guide with the camel who’s responsible for you to sit and ride safely on the camel and enjoy every bit of it.

You can go for quad biking too which is extremely thrilling in Dubai desert safari. Teenagers and adults who are very much courageous go for such rude and enjoy escaping the golden sand of the desert.

You can also ride on bashing sand dune which is very adventurous. These giant vehicles may make you feel scared or too much excited. Speeding on the sand of the desert is just so exciting and enjoyable.

Henna: you can also go for the very famous desert ritual of applying henna which Is done my arabian women over there. These women are extremely talented and willingly apply beautiful patterns on your hands or anywhere you ask them.

Dancing and bonfire: you can have a joyous evening with your family at the Dubai desert safari. There are so many belly dancers dancing on the Arabian songs and making noise. They gather people around them easily and have fun with than and ale them all happy. There is bonfire beside the campsite which is extremely soulful for you. This all is o much incredible and worth spending money on. Dubai desert safari will give you the best memories amongst all. This evening will bring you loads of joy, happiness, laughters and so much fun.

If you are really up for all such fun so just don’t miss and waste time. You still have an opportunity to grab the best packages from hurry up.

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Three Ways to Guarantee a Memorable Hotel Experience

If you want to ensure that your hotel stands out from the many other excellent hotels in Thailand, then you need to go above and beyond for your customers. There are several ways that you can go about providing your customers with a superior hotel experience. If you keep certain tips in mind, then you will be able to meet your customers’ needs while providing them with something that they simply won’t be getting at other businesses. Take a look at these three ways that you can guarantee that your customers will have a memorable hotel experience.

Cover All of the Basics

Taking care of the basics is more important than just about everything else. If you cannot do all of the little things well, then you are not going to leave a good lasting impression on your guests. To start with, you need to make sure that your entire hotel staff is committed to providing excellent customer service. Your guests should have their needs met promptly and all staff members should be friendly at all times.

The cleanliness of your hotel also needs to be second to none. Take the time to train cleaning staff to meet very high standards. If you can keep your lobby and all of your hotel rooms spotless, then your guests are really going to appreciate the effort. No one wants to spend time in a hotel that isn’t as clean as it could be so take this very seriously.

You will also want to try to provide many basic features for your guests so that they can have a good time. Give them access to things such as free WiFi, complimentary breakfasts, swimming pools, and fitness areas. Being able to provide some of these features for customers will almost be expected. If you can make sure that these basic hotel benefits are truly great, then it is going to help customers to have an even better time.

Ensure That Your Hotel Is Designed Expertly

The design of your hotel plays a big role in how customers perceive your business. If you just have a standard or very generic design philosophy, then you are not going to be any different from the dozens of other hotels that they could be choosing. Being that there are so many options for people who are looking for places to stay in the modern era, it is important to put some thought into the design of your hotel. Interior design in Bangkok is crucial when you want to create the best possible hotel so you need to reach out to true professionals.

Hire a designer that is going to create a unique space that represents your brand. Ensure that your designer pays especially close attention to how great the lobby looks. You want to be able to know that your customers are being impressed right from the moment that they walk in the door. If you can capture the attention of your guests right away, then it will be that much simpler to stick in their memories.

Try to take the time to speak with your interior designer about what you want your hotel to represent. You should be able to work together to craft the best possible hotel design. This will ensure that the hotel is functional while also being impressive from a visual perspective. You will be able to turn heads with your new hotel design and it will work well to help you meet all of the needs of your customers.

Make Sure That Your Guests Love Their Hotel Rooms

Of course, one of the most important aspects of running a hotel is going to be providing guests with a fantastic hotel room. If your hotel rooms are only so-so, then your guests are going to walk away thinking that your business is simply adequate. If you want your business to stand out from the rest of the competition in Thailand, then you must go above and beyond when it comes to the hotel rooms. Ensuring that each hotel room has certain show-stopping qualities is going to leave an impression on all of your guests.

Make sure that all aspects of your hotel rooms are designed to perfection. You want the room to be both impressive and comfortable for your guests. Ideally, all of your hotel guests will not even want to leave your rooms due to being so impressed. If you can provide them with comfortable and lavish furniture, pleasing aesthetics, and amazing service, then you will certainly give them a memorable hotel experience.


Health Benefits of a Walking Holiday

More and more people are becoming interested in exercise and fitness, the industry has continued to expand, and a lot of individuals are now choosing to go on activity based vacations such as walking holidays. They offer a huge range of health benefits, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. Here are some of the main associated health benefits of going on a walking holiday.

They help to promote positive mental health & wellbeing – A lot of people fail to realise the benefits of walking in relation to their mental health, it not only benefits your body physically, it also helps to improve your mood and boost the release of feel good hormones such as endorphins. Psychologists and mental health expert alike always recommend exercise as one of the best ways to improve your mental state, especially if it is done outdoors. After finishing a walking in Greece holiday, or a trek in Scotland, you’ll feel fully recharged, ready to face whatever comes your way in the future. Completing a difficult walking trail in a foreign country gives you a sense of accomplishment, achieving your goals is a great way to improve your mental health.

It helps individuals to control their weight – If you’ve just come through the busy holiday period around Christmas and New Year’s, chances are you’ve probably eaten a little more than you should, you may also have added a few inches to your waistline in the process. A great way to reduce your body weight is to embark on a walking holiday, the American College of Sports Medicine agrees that walking every day for at least 30 minutes helps to increase your metabolism, this results in your body burning more calories at an increased rate. The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose. Walking holidays allow you to enjoy some magnificent scenery and wildlife, it helps you to exercise without realising you are doing so.

Walking helps to maintain a healthy heart – Several people go to the gym and consistently do weight training, without concentrating too much on aerobic exercises. Aerobic workouts like walking are excellent for lowering your resting heart rate, a lowered heart rate means a stronger heart. Your heart is the most important organ in your body, it is also a muscle, which must be trained on a regular basis. Here are some of the top aerobic exercises for maintaining a healthy heart.

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Playing sports such as football, tennis, basketball etc.

Walking is not only good for your heart, it is also considered a low impact physical activity, meaning it doesn’t put a lot of strain on weight bearing joints such as your ankles and knees.

Some of the benefits mentioned above are only a small sample of the many associated with walking holidays, they help to improve your mental state, they are highly recommended by medical professionals, they help maintain a healthy heart and walking is great for regulating your body weight.