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Best Road Trip in Romania


A road trip in Romania may be unheard of because usually people only visit Bucharest and then leave. There is so much more to Romania than just that or the famous Transylvania. With beautiful scenery and off-beaten paths, it’s worth going around this beautiful country. Simply rent a car and go off exploring. With correct planning, you can have the best trip of your life.

Is it difficult?

Not if you manage to rent a good car at a fair price. Do your research and look up trusted companies that have a positive reputation. After that whip out a map and plan out your journey. You just need a little dedication to make the journey happen. Make sure to bring along your camping equipment if you wish to save money. Besides money, some places just don’t have any hotels hence, you should bring your own temporary accommodation. To start this adventure make sure to book cheap tickets. You can visit website for more details.

Start in Bucharest

You can get off the airport here and get your rented car. Spend some days in this beautiful city. This city has some budget hotel where you can stay to save up some money as well. Then explore around, take in the sights and the beautiful architecture spread around the city. The iconic “roof” made of umbrellas on Pasagul Victoria street is sure to charm you. It doesn’t look as good when it snows so make sure to visit in summer or spring to really see the beauty of the colourful umbrellas. The golden domes of the famous St Nicolas Orthodox Church is one place with amazing architecture. You can also explore the Old Centre and Revolution Square to get a better idea of Romania’s past. If you want to shop for souvenirs or hip outfits then head to Unirea shopping centre. From top brands to quaint shops, it’s a delight to shop here. Once you’re done, make sure to stop by any one of the awesome cafes here to prepare for your journey ahead.

Stop By Peles Castle

Keep in mind that supermarkets are rare outside of big cities so make sure to stock up. On your way to Sighisoara, you’ll come across this castle frozen in time. The neo-renaissance castle stands grand, telling of bygone eras. It can get crowded here during peak seasons but trust me, it’s worth the visit.

Onwards to Sighisoara

This medieval city is actually a UNESCO heritage site and a hidden gem in the region of Transylvania. The charming old-timey architecture and cobbled streets are simply too much fun to explore. With many pastel coloured buildings as well as an iconic clock tower, you’ll get to learn a lot about Romanian history. You can also climb up the clock tower to get a nice view or if you’re feeling energetic then climb up 100 steps up a hill for a panoramic view. Accommodation here is also very vintage like so make sure you experience that.

Explore the area around Sighisoara

There are two-day trips you can go for here. For a nice view of the hills and the church plus a look at a sleepy village, head to Biertan. This village is something out of a gothic story, with an old church overlooking the whole place. Romania is full of gothic charm and natural beauty. If you have ample time, I highly suggest that you take the second day trip to Lake Balea as well. The roads aren’t exactly smooth and the weather can make the journey perilous so make sure to check if it’s safe to travel. Once you reach the lake, you can ride on a cable car for simply breath-taking views!

Check out Brasov and Mr Dracula’s castle

I know Brasov can get a bit too touristy but hey, that’s the charm. Walk around the Old Town to take in the history and learn about the fascinating heritage of the area. It’s quite easy to lose track of time sightseeing here, plus with many chain restaurants and local eateries, you can get a taste of their food as well. Then after that, go ahead and take a tour of the infamous castle. With a lot of legends and folklore surrounding it, it’s a pretty fascinating place. You can take a guided tour. And if you don’t like the supernatural aspect of it, then just marvel at the gorgeous views and its dark vibes.

Drive through the Transfagarasan Highway

On your way back to Bucharest, you should take the opportunity to drive on the most scenic road in the world. Sadly, if you’re visiting in the colder months, some parts of it would be snowed over hence it’ll be closed off. But if it’s available, you can check out Balea Waterfall, Vidraru Dam, and Poienari Castle on the way. The Poienari Castle is said to be the ruins of the real home of Vlad Dracula. While the Bran Castle is more popular, Vlad apparently never lived here! I suppose the author of the fiction novel Dracula had some influence.

The Vidraru Dam also has a very scenic lake. Due to it being a rather less visited place, you’ll find the whole place pretty tranquil. Feel free to stop and marvel at the scenery from time to time. After that, prepare yourself for a rather difficult part of the journey. It’s a bit tricky to get at the top of the Balea Lac. Once at the top, you’ll find some simple huts which provide food and basic accommodation for tourists. But the view! You can see the winding roads of the highway from up there. Plus the weather makes it feel like you’re standing in some atmospheric movie. The highway has a pretty cool history behind it too. You can read up on it while you sit in a beautiful environment and gaze over the peculiar winding roads of the highway.

Return to Bucharest

This concludes your scenic and adventurous journey. Feel free to chill out here for a while before you fly back home. From pastel coloured buildings to extreme gothic architecture, you won’t be forgetting the beautiful country like Romania any time soon.

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