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Going to a Spa in Patong – Everything You Need to Know

Patong is a fantastic destination for people who have had a tiring few days and want to relax and work on their body a bit. There are many amazing spas in Patong that offer authentic Thai massages. However, if you are going for a massage in Patong, there are many different things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, you should know that there’s no shortage of spas, and all of them offer extremely competitive rates to their customers. You will find that you have many choices when it comes to making a selection. So, here are a few things that you need to know about going to a spa in Patong.

Do Your Research

First and foremost, it’s recommended that you do your research before you head out to any spa. With so many different spas located in this town, it can be difficult to find the best Patong spa. Thankfully, there are many websites where people leave reviews, so it’s easy for you to figure out which spa is the best. You can do a bit of research online to find out the best spas in the area, and then make a decision. You can read about the experiences of others, the friendliness of the employees, and the range of massages that they offered. If you want to avoid a horror story, it’s recommended that you do your research first.

Check the Pricing

If you have narrowed down your options to a few spas in Patong, it’s recommended that you check the prices next. You can do your research online and visit the spa’s website to check the pricing and make an informed decision. This will make it easy for you to figure out whether the price you are paying is justified or not. There are some spas that charge a considerably higher fee, but the services they offer are also much better than the other spas. That’s why it’s important for you to do your research first. Always take your time to check the pricing and the features before making a decision. If a spa is highly rated on a trip website, you might want to consider visiting it.

Types of Massages

Almost all of the massage parlors within the city offer a wide range of massages. From authentic Thai massages to head, shoulder, and neck massages, these massage parlors offer complete body massages of all kinds. If you have had a tiring few days and are in some dire need for pampering, going for a massage treatment at a spa is a great idea. Many massage parlors also offer herbal compress massages and a variety of other choices. If you are feeling pain in any part of your body, it’s recommended that you talk to the masseuse so that they can pay special attention to that particular region and help alleviate the pain. These are just a few things that you should know about going to a local spa in Patong.

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Everything You Need to Know About Dubai

What kind of place is this? You are definitely not aware of this place otherwise Dubai would be your only place to go to for holidays every year, every short breaks from your daily hectic busy schedules

This is the time when you should actually take out time for you and choose worthy options to go to and spend money which is literally worth it.

Dubai literally makes sure that you get into every possible location which has tons of entertainment activities for you. People also visit Dubai because they see how other people are so pleased and satisfied with their Dubai holidays. Dubai is a place which is one for all. You’ll get everything here.

One of the very much widely visited place in Dubai is Dubai desert safari

This desert will make your jaws drop and eyes wide open. This desert is literately something which is like indescribable. You are most probably about to have the best time of your life.

What are the activities for your leisure time??

Dubai desert safari is not at all going to disappoint you. It will make you feel so good and real. You’ll be astonished by each and every thing here.

Some mind blowing activities include

Camel riding which is very much special and these camel rides make Dubai what it is today. Desert camel rides are bumpy but fun too. There’s an arabian guide with the camel who’s responsible for you to sit and ride safely on the camel and enjoy every bit of it.

You can go for quad biking too which is extremely thrilling in Dubai desert safari. Teenagers and adults who are very much courageous go for such rude and enjoy escaping the golden sand of the desert.

You can also ride on bashing sand dune which is very adventurous. These giant vehicles may make you feel scared or too much excited. Speeding on the sand of the desert is just so exciting and enjoyable.

Henna: you can also go for the very famous desert ritual of applying henna which Is done my arabian women over there. These women are extremely talented and willingly apply beautiful patterns on your hands or anywhere you ask them.

Dancing and bonfire: you can have a joyous evening with your family at the Dubai desert safari. There are so many belly dancers dancing on the Arabian songs and making noise. They gather people around them easily and have fun with than and ale them all happy. There is bonfire beside the campsite which is extremely soulful for you. This all is o much incredible and worth spending money on. Dubai desert safari will give you the best memories amongst all. This evening will bring you loads of joy, happiness, laughters and so much fun.

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Why people love visiting Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi city tour, Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE is the seat of government working environments. Take in the perfectly completed gardens and quits, settling a segment of the rich social places of interest close by present day tall structures of this speedy making Dubai and visit Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi city tour, the greatest indoor and first Ferrari event congregation, arranged on Yas Island, with in excess of 20 attractions joins the world’s snappiest energizing ride.

UAE is a nation which is well known for tall structures and costly shopping centers. It comprises of 7 states. Abu Dhabi city tour is one of those 7 conditions of UAE. It is likewise called as the biggest territory of UAE. It adds to a high rate for the vacation spots in UAE. Abu Dhabi is a spot which has grown a great deal mechanically and it has a ton to offer to the voyagers who visit this spot. On the off chance that you are arranging your trek we as a visit administrator are here to assist you with your arranging.

Give me a chance to brief you pretty much all the previously mentioned places independently

When you reach Abu Dhabi city tour you will genuinely be shelled with spots to see and exercises. Not neglecting the phenomenal shopping assurance. Abu Dhabi city tour also offers quite a lot of activities for people who love water. Shorelines of glimmering white sand fixed with impacting palm trees tempt the visitor. Our Abu Dhabi city Tour incorporates visit to Outline View of Abu Dhabi City, Sheik Zayed Mosque, Emirates Palace Hotel, Marina Mall, Corniche Beach, Heritage Village, Sheik’s Palace, the beautiful view of Abu Dhabi city tour from outside. We will pick you around 9:30pm from your lodging or from the spot you referenced!


Ladies and Men: Full (lower leg length) pants, long sleeve (wrist-length) shirts/suits. Articles of clothing can be any shading, no direct attire, no shorts, no beachwear as per Mosque propensities.

Ladies: Wear a headscarf of any shading (to cover the head)

There are dealt with movements – little barges voyage along the Corniche for the length of the day; if you are looking for night preoccupation on the waters, there are dinner goes with Arabic menus on offer. Diverse activities fuse calculating, water sports and cruising clubs. For the impassioned golfer a top tier fairway can be found. Spots of excitement for the visiting vacationer would join visits to the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque, Arabian Wild Life Park, Abu Dhabi city tour Corniche and Hiu Fun City. Vehicle hustling fans will value the Ferrari World and the experience loving vacationer could go in for desert outside. Those ladies, who have seen with intrigue hip spinning shows up on TV, can rouse an opportunity to take in this hip shaking craftsmanship in a 5-star hotel.

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Dubai Dessert Safari and a few of it’s types


Dubai Dessert Safari is one of the looked for after activity experiences that energizes tourists even before they have really touched base in Dubai. Skyland Tourism has best ideas for you to satisfy this craving and fulfill the experience freak in you. Dubai was a bit of sand until it was transformed into a cutting edge city with splendid designs and with top of the line innovations. What’s more, today, the city-state attracts sightseers from around the globe. Popular as the pearl of the Gulf, it has everything to entice travelers in the midst for the holidays. Perceived as a place that is known for sky-taking off structures which empower you the perspectives on breathtaking cityscapes, the Dubai Dessert Safari is a striking stretch which offers perpetual fun and sports.

Dubai’s coastline is surrounded by various unblemished shorelines and the very different Dubai Dessert Safari is certain to paralyzed you in shock with its plain yet mystical sight. Also, it is right to express that your excursion to this United Arab Emirates gem is fragmented until you set out on any of the accessible desert safari visits in Dubai-be it a moderate voyage on a Camel ride, a ridge slamming campaign in a 4×4 vehicle or a heart-pounding sight-seeing balloon ride.

The Hot Air Balloon Dubai Dessert Safari

The Duration of this trip is about 4 hours. An early morning ride on the Hot Air Balloon bestows a continuous outlook on the dawn that emblazons the ridges. Out of the many Dubai Dessert Safari visits, a tourist balloon ride is the special case that takes a flight and gives you a 10,000 foot perspective on the rural excellence. In the event that you are majorly love dusks, jump on a night safari ride and pay special mind to Arabian gazelles and Oryx in the desert.

The hour long airborne safari obliges around 24 individuals at any given moment. An expert pilot works the inflatable in the desert while a guide discusses tales about Dubai’s at various times. When you land, you can take part in a all of the amazing desert exercises at the Dubai Dessert Safari, one of which is the very cliched demonstration of getting a picture with the national flying animal of the United Arab Emirates-the Falcon, which would sit on one of your arms.

On this astounding tourist balloon safari you can likewise pick medium-term safari with the dawn Hot Air Balloon Ride and a gourmet breakfast.

The Camel Dubai Dessert Safari
The oldest and most established method of investigating the limitlessness of any desert on the planet in the Dubai Dessert Safari is by sitting down on the back of a Camel. The 4 wheeler ride is unquestionably a thrilling desert involvement in Dubai yet the uniqueness of bumping on a Camel is a moderate paced and tranquil delight. They aren’t only popular as the “ship of the desert” for reasons unknown in the Dubai Dessert Safari, hide oneself on the back of a Camel and appreciate a raised perspective of the surroundings.

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Choosing a Villa in Bali

The paradise island of Bali is unique in so many ways. This heaven on earth is an Indonesian island and a popular destination for people from all over the world. Located in far-eastern Asia, Bali is an ideal place to relax, soak up the sun and see the sights that cannot be seen anywhere else on the planet.

Most visitors to Bali will benefit from a stay in a private villa. There are many reasons why people come to Bali and it is not all about seeing the sights, lapping up the sun and feeling the warm atmosphere of this paradise on earth. Couples come here to get married as Bali has several villas that are made specifically for the newly wed couples.

If you love the beach, then the Bali beachfront villas are for you. Many of the villas are located just yards away from the water and there is no need to hire transport to get you beachside and walking along the golden sands.

Many of the villas in Bali are for the family. These villas are specifically designed so families with children can enjoy all the amenities on offer. Practically all of the villas available through the Villa Concierge Bali website have private pools.

As well as getting married in Bali and hiring a wedding villa, couples can use a Bali villa for their honeymoon. So, if you want to get married in your own country and have all your families and friends at your special day, you can. But after the wedding you can come to Bali and stay in a special honeymoon villa – designed to introduce that loving couple into blessed wedlock.

There are several destinations that visitors specifically head for when visiting Bali. Let us look at some of these destinations and see what the location offers.

In Bali, there is a special resort called Seminyak; a beautiful place where you will find plenty of villas to stay in and many shops, boutiques and fancy restaurants. It is an ideal location to stay in a villa if you happen to be on your honeymoon or getting married on the island. Seminyak is practically on the beach – so you will not have far to walk if you are wanting a swim in the warm waters, or just practice some water sports like snorkelling just off the coast of this resort.

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Indianapolis Attractions: best things to visit in and around Indianapolis

When I first visited Indianapolis, I was amazed at its premier tourist attractions that I could cover. Right from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the Greatimes Family Fun Park, I had a great time even though I was only for three days in the small, but mesmerizing Indianapolis. I had also visited the famous zoo, the Caribbean Cove water park, the Monument Circle, the indoor karting, children’s museum, and the Indiana Beach. But, I was sure that there are much more family adventures to list that I missed or could not cover due to shortage of time.

So, I thought why not take up a more wide package and explore its other hidden attractions that make Indianapolis a worth discovering tourist destination. Let me tell you that people say that the region does not offer fun-filled parks as the other U.S. destinations have, but I am sure that the Indianapolis attractions are no less than a package full of enjoyment, satisfaction, and memories with some touch of fun too.

I am sure that you rate my this thought as ‘agreeable’ once you too visit the leading Indianapolis attractions along with those that I about to tell you now.

My Visit

All the Indianapolis attractions are accessible from the downtown or Monument circle. So, I will specify its distance in this context and note that none of the attractions are in order.

My first target was the Conner Prairie where history is made live for you to explore. Located at 16.5 miles, the site is the home of five themed historic areas for you to discover namely, Lenape Camp, Conner Homestead, 1836 Prairietown, 1859 Balloon Voyage, and 1886 Liberty Corner. I will not tell you anything more to maintain the secret! So, do not miss this one even if you do not like history at all.

One of the top 10 general art museums of America is here – Indianapolis Museum of Art accessible via a short drive or bus trip from the downtown. Adorned with gardens and posh lands, the museum’s exterior is so fascinating that allures one to explore its interior. Seriously, the art collection is a must-see thing here where the great works of the world-renowned artist activate your memories.

Now, I am talking of something much-in-one site namely, White River State Park situated in the middle of the downtown. This is the only urban state park adorned with a myriad of stunning attractions offering entertainment. The main ones are Indianapolis Zoo Victory Field Baseball Park and Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians & Western Art. The latter one is one of the two museums near Mississippi exhibiting both Native American and Western art in an amazing manner. I have purposely not mentioned anything about the baseball park as it can be really not described in words and want to maintain the curiosity in you.

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Apart from the fact that Hong Kong has remained highly significant for its global financing operations and financial centers all over the world, coupled with its economic and trading operations, there are other unique features to check out for on your next trip to the magnificent city.

In the case where you do not want to travel over to Hong Kong, but you need your goods and parcels delivered, you can always opt in for the best shipping or courier company to help you get it done at the most affordable price. Parcel ABC will always be there for you in the case where you have to send parcels over to this part of the world. We’re aware that you need reassurance because of the risk involved in sending your parcels over oceans; because it’s certainly the best way to ship! Parcel ABC gets it done in no time!

In the meantime, check out a few things you do not want to forget if you eventually travel down to Hong Kong;

Spectacular Skyscrapers

The beauty of the spectacular structures is one to check out at any time of the day! The skyscrapers always create a beautiful scene. The Victoria Peak is a good example, considering the fact that its located at the highest point on the City’s Island, and it remains the most visited, considering the incredible view of the city. From such a great height, you have the whole city to check out; the amazing blue waters surrounding it, the New Territories green hills.

Big Market Centres present in the city

While in Hong Kong, make sure to tour around one of the magnificent trading centers present, where you get to witness the high trading activities of the residents and tourists. Any time of the day, you can walk around to explore Hong Kong’s accessible street markets both day and night. The amazing antiques, accessories, well-showcased goods and clothing make the view a spectacular one. Sales of goods are smooth, considering how vendors are always ready and eager to sell their goods when you bargain. Some of the markets include the Ladies Market On Tung Choi street around the Mong Kok neighborhood, the southern coast Stanley Market of Hong Kong island.

The Ocean Park, also known as Hong Kong’s Disneyland

The Ocean Park is the best place to enjoy the perfect view of the ocean. Located on the southern coast of Hong Kong island, you get to enjoy every moment spent on the park, with a zoo full of different species of animals, roller coasters, carnival games, rides, and a lot more for kids and adults to enjoy while in the Park, so you can rest assured that you’re not going to record any boring moment throughout your stay in the Park and Hong Kong.

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The Seven Best Treks In Nepal

The great Himalayan Range track present in the country supplies an extensive ranging trail system which envelops Nepal from Humla and Drachula in the west to Kanchenjunga in the east. Trekking also operate as n chance to intermingle with the local people in order to obtain proper facts about the diverse cultural habitual and rituals. Trekking in Nepal is considered one of the most entertaining, adventurous yet thrilling experiences in the world. Nepal is a must visit for trekkers from around the globe as trekking in Nepal is a hearty and magnificent offer which is entrenched with religious sites and spiritual settings pertaining to many regions. Nepal is an attractive location with most excellent trekking purpose inclusive of several complexity levels alongside some mind blogging mountain and greenery in the Himalayan range. The diversity of trek available in the country gives a unique point of view to Nepal. Taking into consideration all the aspects of an expert trekker, the team of Nepal Hiking Team (NHT) provides you with a list of seven best treks that is available in Nepal.

1) Everest Base Camp Trek

The Everest Base Camp trek present trekkers and hikers with stupendous standpoint of the Khumbu region, The Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most famed trekking experiences in the country. This trek meet up with quite a lot of trails passing through the Sagarmatha National Park with highlights of beautiful mountain peaks like Nuptse, Lhotse and the Ama Dablam along with other brilliant mountain ranges. Renowned tourist places like Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, and Dingboche along with the sacred ambience of the big Buddhist monastery and the occurrence of the world largest peak – Mount Everest crafts this trek one of the most cherished trek of one’s in a lifetime. The main highlight of this is the great viewpoint of Kalapatthar which illuminates astounding sight of the Everest massif.

2) Annapurna Base Camp Trek

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek encounters you with the sacred Gumba and monasteries deep-rooted with sequence of multi-colored flags which will boost up the comforting Himalayan environment. Annapurna Base Camp Trek provides a beautiful panoramic view of Annapurna South (23,693 ft.), Gangapurna (24,457 ft.), and Annapurna III (24,787 ft.). The Annapurna Base Camp Trek Alongside the natural ambience provided by this trek, it also takes you through various Gurung and Magar settlements which will surely make it an experience of a lifetime. This Annapurna Base Camp Trek is among the most sought-out trek of the country. It is considered as the most convenient destination for trekking as it is easily accessible through the beautiful lake side city named Pokhara.

3) Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang is a restricted area and up till 1992 it was forbidden for foreign visitors to enter the kingdom. It provides an exposure to the ancient culture and civilization, which exposes the person towards the unique and exceptional culture of the ancient time. This trek gets you along the places where the modern technology has not been able to get hands on and has remained untouched through all these time period. Its medieval beauty is reflected on the narrow alleys, hidden monasteries, lifestyle of the people, the white-washed 6-meter tall wall sticking out in sharp contrast to the barren landscape. The area is covered with earthy rocks of radiant colors. The upper Mustang Trek is mostly opted in the monsoon reason as this region is the rain shadow. Up along the earthiness of the rock, you can experience the beauty of the great Dhaulagiri Massif. This ancient kingdom of Buddhist and Tibetan culture is also known as the Lo Manthang. The highlights of this place are the royal palace and some beautiful monasteries built in the 15th century. The Upper Mustang Trek is a must for all the trekkers as well as history lovers as the trek exposes you to a unique ancient culture which is almost extinct nowadays.

4) Annapurna Poon Hill trek

The Annapurna Poon Hill trek (10 days) chief charm is the Poon Hill Trek beside the splendid view of seven Himalayan ranges along an exceptional ethnic village settlements. On the way to Poon Hill, you get to stopover Gurung habitats which clearly show the beautiful and unique ethic culture of the Gurung people. Similarly, you also get to visit Ghorepani that has a Magar habitat and is enhance by the norms and traditions of this ethnic group. Similarly, along with the panoramic view of a range of mountain ranges like Manaslu, Ganesh Himal next to the way to the beautiful lake city “Pokhara” you get to see marvelous flora and fauna diversity. As the Poon Hill Trek is regarded as an easy trek, it is not only time fitting but is free of age-boundary too. People of various ages have been victorious in the completion of this trek with minimum danger. This trek endow with the trekkers an up-close and panoramic view of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range from the vintage point of Poon Hill which makes it one of the most inscrutable treks of the country.

5) Everest Gokyo Lake Trek

Everest Gokyo lake Trek is an idiosyncratic trek takes you through the Gokyo valley alongside the most extravagant Mountain View with icefalls and glaciers moving over the intricate Chola Pass. . Distinguished to the route of the regular trekkers of the country, The Everest Gokyo Lake Trek is a finest alternative for people with altitude sickness who desires to rejoice the joy of witnessing the tallest mountain of the world. This trek is able to provide a thrilling sight of the greatest mountain of the world i.e. Mount Everest from the best viewpoint of the blissful Gokyo Rl. This trek moreover presents you a sighting of the Ngozumpa glacier which is the largest glacier of the country. The mesmerizing beauty of Mount Everest along with the other mountain peaks like Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Cho yo etc make this trek an exceptional trek for all the global trekkers. Furthermore, The Everest Gokyo Lake trek is a less travelled unique trek which is bound exposes you with unique treks and experience.

6) Langtang Valley Trek

This Langtang valley trek is a trek that takes you to the stunning and distinctive valley of the northern side. This trek takes you along the trail of a beautiful bamboo forest and the beautiful rivers like Bhotekoshi and the Langtang Khola before the arrival of the ultimate destination. This trek is filled with beautiful sceneries filled with glaciers along the compelling Langtang valley which is filled with ravishing beauty and landscapes. Langtang produces impeccable succulent yak cheese that is unique to any other kind of cheese found in the country. Furthermore, The Kyanjin Gompa situated in amidst the valley filled with diversity depicts a beautiful cultural picture of the country. The second largest national Park of the country lies in the route of this trek which will provide you with spotting unique flora and fauna of the region. In addition to the biological diversity, Langtang also provides you with splendid view of various mountains above 7000 meters. This trek acts as an exceptional, cultural and environmental blend which makes The Langtang Valley trek the most cherished and treasured trek of the country.

7) Makalu Base Camp Trek

Makalu Base camp is the off the trail of the country which will lead you to the base of the almighty Mount Makalu. The journey is covered with uneven uphill or downhill trails which will make the route a tiresome. However, the magnificent view one encounters upon the arrival of the destination acts as a soother to all the trekkers that cover this trail. Starting from Tumlingtar this trek covers Barun River valley, Makalu Barun National Park and different high passes. The beauty of the nature is highlighted with the presence of various ranges of plants and animals found in the area. The area this trek covers is full with helpful and enthusiastic local people which will help you to learn the cultural diversity. The altitude range of the Makalu Base Camp Trek is from 500 meters – 5500 meters. The Makalu Base Camp Trek also provides you with the view of Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Baruntse

Enjoy all these awesome trek routes with the team of NHT so that you get the best of service for you. We provide affordable tours with exceptional service quality for all the trekkers associated with our organization for a thrilling yet safe trekking experience.

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Seeing the Sights on the Go

New Zealand is an archipelago. An archipelago is a nation that is a chain of islands that range from large to small, small like The Bahamas and large ones like Indonesia. This country in particular is pretty large; situated with a wide berth between Australia, by the Tasman Sea, a divide that is a gulf of around 1,400 miles between the two nations – just 1,000 miles less than the entire width of the Mediterranean Sea. The northernmost tip of the country’s North Island extends North West towards the Coral Sea, home to the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and largest coral reef system in the world, dubbed one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World that’s visible from space.

Highway to Everywhere

Although a seemingly narrow strip of land, New Zealand runs 990 miles down the length of North Island and South Island, so not only is there the vast array of landscape to soak up, there is plenty of coastal regions to explore too, 9,300 miles of it in fact. One of South Island’s main cities is Christchurch, the capital Wellington and the largest city in New Zealand, Auckland, are located on North Island. The cities have their own sites worth seeing, Auckland, for example, is home to roughly one third of the nation’s entire population (approx. 1.5 million) and the highest Polynesian population in the world, situated near an extinct volcano and one of the few cities on Earth with two harbours on different bodies of water. Auckland is also ranked the third best city in the world to live.

City to Country

Wellington (named after the victorious Battle of Waterloo General, the Duke of Wellington) is home to the Royal New Zealand Ballet, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the National Archives and the National Library, all hallmarks of the nation’s capital being the Cultural Capital. With addition to the Old Government Building, the largest wooden building in the world, as well as the iconic Beehive building, a visit to the capital (and Earth’s windiest city) is well worth a stop on a road trip holiday when using campervan hire in New Zealand.

South Island is the 12th largest island on the planet and the landmass is well worth an extended exploration, just as much as the world’s largest island that lies nearby (Australia). The main city on South Island is Christchurch, although it has been recently damaged by earthquakes several years ago, it remains a rarely designed city; modelled on a central city square, four corresponding squares and parkland area, following the first city to adopt this design, Philadelphia.

An interesting fact about Christchurch is its high water quality, naturally sourced and one of the purest in the world, this odd little fact is worth a stop over as we all need some refreshment. Then it is out into the wild and if you thought the towns were a treat, nature holds nothing back!

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Derbyshire: The Perfect Retreat

If you’re yearning for a retreat from the stresses of everyday life then look no further than Derbyshire in the UK. Providing arguably one of the most stunning landscapes in Europe, Derbyshire combines history, culture and natural beauty with English charm throughout. For the perfect retreat from city-life, get out into the countryside and breathe some fresh air with an invigorating hike through the world-famous Peak-District, or sample some local culture at one of Derby’s many ale houses. Here is a summary of just a few of the top areas to visit in Derbyshire.

The Peak District

The Peak District offers a spectacular landscape for walks, hikes, cycles and picnics. Offering fantastic panoramic views of jagged limestone crags, this national park is a site of profound natural beauty, making it easy to see why it’s one of the most visited sites in Britain. One of the best ways to access this is remote landscape is to stay in a traditional local country cottage. Derbyshire Country Cottages provide a wide range of gorgeous accommodations where you can get a feel for the peace and quiet of local life. When Jane Austen stated in her famous novel Pride and Prejudice ‘there is no finer county in England than Derbyshire’, she was surely referring to the iconic, age-old landscape that is the Peak District.


Comprising of Derbyshire’s largest city, Derby offers a vibrant alternative to the peaceful life of the Peak District. The city may not provide an escape to the country, but it is a great place to diversify your trip and see what else the county has to offer. Visit the Quad to check out Derby’s expanding arts scene, or the local museum to discover the county’s history. Once you’ve had enough culture, why not check out the retail therapy on offer at the many high street shops or in the designer Sadlergate area. With over 30 pubs throughout the city, there is no shortage of watering holes to refresh yourself with some real ale after a long day. Many of these establishments also play host to local bands nightly, providing further entertainment to top off your trip.


From Michelin-starred restaurants, to galleries, antique stores and fascinating architecture, the village of Baslow packs a lot into a small space. With a host of fabulous shops, selling modern and vintage furniture and unusual gifts, Baslow is a great place to find something special to take home with you. Baslow also boasts a number of stylish bars and quaint pub gardens where you can relax after a day of mooching about the shops.


Ashbourne is another great place for antique collectors and boutique-lovers alike with its wide range of unique shops. On Thursdays and Saturdays the town plays host to a vibrant traditional market, in an area where trade has been running since as early as 1257. With charming historical architecture to boot, Ashbourne makes for a lovely day out.

With so much to see and do in Derbyshire, this diverse area truly does provide the perfect retreat from daily life. Whether you’re coming from near or far, you’re sure to have a memorable visit to this stunning county.