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How to clear the Permanent Resident Visa procedure for Canada

Visa is a mandatory document which is required for a foreign visit. Both Visa and passport are essential for traveling a foreign country, but there is a difference in passport and Visa. The passport is a document which serves the purpose of the person’s identity. It contains the information of a person like a name, photograph, nationality, birth date and the likes while the Visa contains the details like the purpose of stay in the foreign country along with the duration of the stay.

Different countries have different categories of visas, and one can apply for a visa as per the category that perfectly fits him. One can apply for education, job, and other categories of Visas as per the concerned rules and regulations of theconcerned country.

In short, Visa is the document which helps in getting the entry in a foreign land. One has to return to the homeland within the stipulated time frame mentioned in the Visa. There are various types of Visa which are issued based on the reason for the stay. Usually, the Visa is issued to people who either wish to relocate for Job, Business or educational purpose. The Visa is also issued for people who wish to travel as atourist for few days. These are temporary Visa issue for a specific duration. However, there is a permanent Visa too which is anissueto people who wish to relocate permanently to another country.

Canada has been one of the most preferred countries when it comes to relocating. The culturally rich diversified country offers an opulent lifestyle. Also, the excellent economic condition offers good employment and earning opportunities. This is one of the main attractions which lead people to settle in Canada. The government of Canada is quite welcoming and appreciates people who are skilled. This has made them design soft immigration policies.

The programs which help the skilled professionals in getting Canada Permanent Resident Visa are:

  • Express entry system
  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Provincial Nominee Programs

The Permanent Resident Card is essential for people even when they travel out of Canada to re-enter. The PR card makes it easy to travel in Canada and outside Canada. It works as a proof of the Canadian residency.

One can apply for the immigration Canada permanent resident under following categories:

  1. Skilled Immigrants via express entry
  • Federal skilled worker
  • Federal skilled trades program
  • Canadian experience class
  • PNP programs
  1. Investors Entrepreneurs and Self-employed
  2. Quebec skilled worker program
  3. Live in caregiver visa
  4. Family sponsorship

Benefits of having a permanent residency in Canada:

  • One gets the freedom to live, work, study or travel across any location in the country.
  • Social benefits such as Healthcare like Canadian citizens.
  • It can help in future while applying for Canadian citizenship.
  • One can also avail protection under the Canadian law.
  • One can also get benefit from Canadian charter of rights and freedom.

Travel Tips

4 must-have Accessories for Business Travellers

If you’re preparing for a business trip and you’re determined to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish, you’ll need to pack wisely. To give you a head start on your preparations, here are four accessories that many seasoned business travellers wouldn’t be without.

  1. A laptop bag

Your laptop might be your most important piece of kit while you’re on the road, so it’s crucial that you have a suitable bag for it. The good news is, there are a whole range of luggage options available now that can protect this device without sacrificing on style. Perhaps you’d like a smart flapover briefcase or a dispatch design. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a multipurpose bag that you can take into aircraft cabins as hand luggage, you might prefer a compact cabin case. For example, specialist supplier Bags ETC offers under seat designs that feature padded laptop pockets to keep your tech safe.

  1. A suit carrier

Unless you want to risk arriving at meetings and events wearing creased and crumpled outfits, a suit carrier is a must for your business trips. These carriers will help you to keep your work attire in pristine condition for the duration of your travels. For added flexibility, you could opt for a design that features extensions for long jackets or dresses. It’s also a good idea to choose a carrier that has a universal hook attachment.

  1. A power bank

If you’re lost without your smartphone or tablet, you should probably pack a power bank. These handy devices allow you to charge your tech while you’re on the move without requiring you to connect to the mains. Power banks enable you to charge any USB-powered tech and they come in a host of capacities, shapes and weights. Some even recharge themselves using solar energy.

  1. Portable WiFi

To help you stay connected to the web no matter where you are, it’s worth considering getting a portable WiFi hotspot. These devices come unlocked and to use them, you simply insert any SIM card. They allow you to get online on a range of different devices simultaneously and they can help you keep your data roaming charges down. With one of these compact gadgets, you can ensure you’re always online.

Taking accessories like these on your next business trip could help you to avoid a plethora of problems and make life away from home that little bit easier.