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Discover Montserrat and the Cathedral of Cava


Barcelona is a stunning city to visit, there’s no doubt here. However, what’s even more impressive, are the versatile and impressive landscapes beyond it. The most stunning of all the regions is the one of Montserrat. The area stuns with its impressive landscape which changes in the blink of an eye. It offers terrific views, ancient monasteries as well as a variety of nature sightseeing opportunities. Montserrat borders el Penedes, which is a dry as well as rough region which is offers the perfect climate for vineyards. This is why discovering Montserrat and the Cathedral of Cava is great and somehow mystical experience at the region of Montserrat.

The vineyards as well as the activities of winemaking date back to the remote 1551. Ever since, the traditional values of the Catalan area have developed and gone hand in hand with the most current innovations and the entrepreneurial approach. Currently, they are the largest cellars located underground in the entire world. The first bottle of the famous sparkling wine of Spain was produced way back in 1872, implementing the traditional Champenoise approach which is much like the French Champagne.

You are also going to enjoy a mixture of landscapes, architectural choices and modernist buildings amongst miles of rows of vines once you arrive to the Cathedral of Cava. The Cellars of Codorniu were reportedly created somewhere in between 1895 and 1915 by the famous architect Josep Puig I Cadafalch. The most interesting thing about it is the perfect combination of modernistic designs and practical requirements of the particular industry. This creates a fascinating sensation which impossible to be observed somewhere else.

This particular tour is held daily, beginning at 8:30 in the morning with an exception of Sunday. You can book a trip from the 1st of April to the 1st of November. Each trip is going to last for about six and a half hours. The transport to the sites is ensured in spacious and properly air-conditioned busses. While underneath in the cellars, you are going to be driven around in a small train powered by electricity because the cellars are 34 kilometers long.


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