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Enjoy Quality Handcrafted Pizza with A Simple Phone Call


We all have those moments we feel lazy and not ready for any activity that will involve physical exhaustion. Yes, those fine days we want to spend indoors watching movies, playing with our kids, or even reading our favourite books. Whichever reason for staying indoors, a time will come when we will need to eat something. That’s where handcrafted pizza from well-known pizza bases online will be the way to go. It’s just a matter of a single and simple phone call, and your pizza gets delivered right in your doorstep.

Who Is the King of Online Pizza Delivery? 

If you have hunted and tried handcrafted pizza online without success, why not try LETIZZA BAKERY for unique and impressive results. We are a trusted and reliable Pizza base known for baking and selling handcrafted pizza authentic Italian recipes, which are created from well-selected quality ingredients.

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest?

There are many pizza bases online, but only a few like Letizza bakery will give you exactly and way more than what you want.  Here is what makes our pizzas better than those of other online pizza bases.

  • Great recipes—all our Pizzas are made from traditional Italian recipes, which are made up of uniquely selected ingredients like olive oil, mozzarella, cheese, parmesan, and enriched flour.
  • Low-fat pizzas—you must realize that our online pizza bases only bakes and sells pizzas that are low in fat.  These pizzas are handcrafted to create healthy diets that can act as an alternative to snacks, desserts, dinner diets, and lunch food. By eating these pizzas, you are not introducing any extreme cholesterol fats into your body, which can have serious health problems.
  • Great range of options—we have a wide range of versatile pizza options. All our preparation methods are customized to be easy and quick, so you can always be sure that even if you order customized pizzas, they will be delivered to you in a matter of hours.
  • Available and ready to serve you—we will never keep you waiting whenever you call to place an order. We have a well-trained and reliable customer care team that is always ready to answer your queries and give answers to all kinds of problems. Whenever you call us, regardless of the time of the day or night, you will get prompt and reliable responses.


Order pizza online now at the best pizza bases and make your day indoors smooth and fun. At Letizza, we bake, sell, and deliver standard and customized pizzas, which are solely handcrafted using the safest, healthiest, and the best quality ingredients. Our team is always ready to serve you whenever you call.

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