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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Condo in Sathorn


Sathorn is one of the many districts of Bangkok. It runs from the Lumpini Park all the way south to the river and is home to some of the biggest hotels in Bangkok, such as the Banyan Tree Hotel, the Metropolitan and the Sukhothai. Many of the city’s upmarket serviced apartments and condos are also situated in the Sathorn district. The district is also home to some of the finest restaurants and clubs in the city. Needless to say, the district is very well developed, and is considered to be one of the most expensive real estate markets in the city.

If you are interested in buying a condo in Sathorn, it’s important for you to do your research and make an informed decision. There are plenty of important factors that must be considered before you invest lots of money in buying real estate. If you are a foreign investor looking to make a sizeable profit on your investment, you will definitely need advice from locals who know the real estate market.

Finding a Realtor

The first step is to find an experienced realtor who can help you find a worthwhile condo in Sathorn. SC Asset is a famous real estate firm that manages properties throughout the district. You can check its website and browse through the various different properties that have been put up for sale. Finding a realtor is the first and the most important step. An experienced, reputable realtor will help you find condos in buildings that are currently increasing in value. This way, whether you decide to live in the condo or just want to sell in the future, your investment will remain secure.

Setting a Budget

When you first hold preliminary discussions with a realtor, they will ask you about your budget. Customer-centric companies such as SC Asset are focused on helping customers find the best properties according to their requirements. They will tell you about the median prices of property in the district of Sathorn, thus allowing you to make a decision about whether you must extend your budget.

Browsing Through Properties

Apart from managing real estate properties, companies such as SC Asset also develop and sell their own condos. You can browse through the floor plans on their website and choose from the various different types of condos available. What type of property are you looking for? Obviously, studio condos are going to be more affordable than two- or three-bedroom condos.

Before you buy any condo in Sathorn, it’s important for you to explore the neighborhood. Get an idea of the surroundings and decide whether it would be a comfortable place to live. You should also visit the property in person and check the quality of construction before making a decision. Popular developers generally use high-quality materials in the construction of condos throughout upscale neighborhoods. You should also talk to people living in the district to get an idea about the quality of life in the neighborhood.

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