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Five Fun Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand


Thailand is becoming a very popular country to visit, and with good reason. The country truly offers something for everyone, and when you’re visiting a well-known city such as Pattaya, you’ll find a large selection of tourist attractions, great hotels, and some awesome scenery as well. Best of all, there are attractions for both adults and children, so it truly offers a multitude of things to do, including the following.

  1. The Floating Markets

If you can imagine shopping in various stores that are all on the water, you’ve just pictured a floating market in your mind. The floating markets in Pattaya offer a variety of stores that sell almost everything you’re looking for, so whether you want to find clothing, household goods, fresh foods, or anything else, you’re very likely to find it there. It is also a very interesting outing because you get from store to store on a relaxing, comfortable boat.

  1. The Art Galleries

There are numerous art galleries in the area, so whether you love contemporary, bold, wild, or traditional art objects, you can easily find an art gallery to your liking. From paintings to photographs and even optical illusions, these art museums offer it all. Even if you’re not particularly fond of visiting art galleries, you are sure to find something unique and even unusual to enjoy, giving you a whole new perspective on the world of art.

  1. The Luxurious Hotels

Regardless of your budget, Thailand offers some amazing hotels to relax in during your down time. After all, you’ll be busy during the day, and, therefore, you’ll need a comfortable place to rest up a bit before the next day’s outing. You can even find a kids club in Pattaya, which caters to the little ones and provides activities such as playgrounds, video games, balloons, costumes to try on, computers to play on, and even free meals and other activities that both kids and parents will appreciate.

  1. Extraordinary Palaces and Temples

Above all else, Thailand offers many attractions with both cultural and historical significance, and this includes some magnificent palaces and temples that you’ll have to see to believe. Try visiting the Big Buddha and some of the other outdoor, brightly colored, and very large palaces and temples. You can even go inside of these facilities and see what life used to be like many years ago, and what life is still like now for many of the citizens.

  1. Swimming in Beaches and Water Parks

Pattaya has a variety of beaches and water parks to enjoy, so if you get a little too much indoor activity one day, you can visit one of these areas and enjoy some nice, cool water for a while. The water at the beaches is clear, and you can even enjoy snorkeling, boat riding, and many other water-based activities. Or, you can spend the day at a water park and enjoy rides and lots of new ways to enjoy the water, providing you with yet another way to create great memories.

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