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Hate Flying? Why Not Try a Rail or Cruise Holiday


With the UK “summertime” becoming increasingly elusive, not to mention our freezing winter temperatures, it’s no wonder that the holiday market in Britain is booming. Living in a country where rainy days comprise almost a third of the year on average, it is unsurprising that Brits are constantly trying to get away to catch some sun. Whilst a holiday abroad tends to be the highlight of anyone’s year, the thought of flying fills many of us with dread. So what if there was a better way to reach your destination?

Land and Sea

If flying puts you off going abroad, rail and cruise holidays can provide a great way to get out of Britain. Avoiding the queues at Heathrow and the discomfort of cramped aeroplane seating are only a couple of the many benefits of avoiding air travel. By choosing a different way to travel, the journey becomes a part of the holiday, and means no time is wasted in getting from A to B. Travelling in this way is an adventure, providing unparalleled opportunities to see and do more with your trip.

Visit Multiple Destinations

Travelling by land and sea gives you the chance to visit a wide range of destinations in one trip, all whilst seeing more than just grey clouds out of the windows. You can really get a feel for a broader area of the world rather than just one country, allowing you to fit what would usually require multiple trips into one. Travelling from place to place by land or sea lets you piece countries together and gives you a feel for what life is really like for the people who live there, rather than touching down and heading straight for a hotel in the tourist district. From one day to the next you could be in a completely different cultural landscape, with new food, people, and sights to see. You’ll certainly never get bored.

How to Plan A Trip

It may seem daunting to try and plan a trip by train or cruise by yourself, especially if you wish to travel across multiple countries all with different languages and transport systems. Luckily there are a number of tour operators in the UK who will organise everything for you, from travels around Europe to packages in the Americas and the Far East. Booking everything in one convenient package means you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Such companies provide a range of options for every taste, and can even take care of your meals and day trips so that you have time to simply immerse yourself in each new experience.

Although we all secretly revel in complaining about the weather and enjoying a hearty English roast on a rainy Sunday afternoon, everyone needs some respite from the grey and rainy landscape that is the UK at some point. Why not get some sunshine and adventure your life? Escape the drudge of daily life and book a rail or cruise trip today.

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