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Kubu Beach Club: The New Sensation in Jimbaran


The Kubu Beach Club has become one of the most sensual experiences for guests of the AYANA Resort and Spa Bali, The Villas at AYANA and Rimba Jimbaran Bali by AYANA. Offering panoramic views of Jimbaran Bay, this place offers you the freedom of indulging in the romance of exquisite dining and ultra-luxurious in an oceanfront cabana. The beauty of AYANA Bali is a definition of the rich blessings of barefoot elegance served with sides of wonder and spirituality.

Bali beach clubs are more than just music. Delicacies served at Kubu Beach Club feature a rich mixture of international cuisine as well Balinese and Indonesian classics including Bakso balung which is an oxtail beef meatball soup, charcoal cheeseburgers or Rujak Gula which are seasonal fruits sprinkled with palm sugar and tamarind. These are either served with a glass of the classic Tiki and Arak based cocktails or simply an icy beer. Here is a closer look into Bali’s legendary beach club.


Nestled in one of the last remaining hidden white sand beach coves in Bali, Kubu Beach Club is only accessible through the 90-hectare estate owned by AYANA. It is only accessible to in-house guests of The Villas at AYANA, RIMBA Jimbaran Bali by AYANA and AYANA Resort and Spa. Kubu Beach Club is tucked away from the daily hustles of life thus giving you a chilled and relaxed experience where you can intertwine lazy afternoons in the sun with fun-filled memorable moments. Also get to enjoy the flawless sunset views on the horizon come dusk.


Kubu Beach Club Bali is designed to be a main attraction for dining and beachfront relaxing. Its supreme setting showcases an intrinsic Balinese architecture that are inspired by island elements such as traditional rooftops made with lontar leafs, shell, stone, wood and bamboo; the island’s aquamarine waters and dramatic limestone cliffs. Additionally, Kubu Beach Club is fully appointed with Balinese style Lean-to cabana, contemporary wooden deck, natural whole teakwood loungers and comfortable hammocks.

The AYANA’s recently installed an innovative cliff-side inclinator to service Kubu Beach Club. Therefore, you can either choose a quick 35-second ride or the dramatic 197-step journey up and down the inspiring cliff-front terrain.


The kitchen at Kubu Beach Club serves an assortment of simple local and international comfort dishes to accompany the traditional design. Foods on the menu range from traditional Balinese dishes including traditional pork or chicken satays, Rujak Gula, Bakso balung and signature rice dishes to the hearty favorites such as charcoal bun cheeseburgers and snapper ceviche. With an endless flow of fresh coconut water, ice cold beers and vintage Balinese Arak based classic cocktails and Tiki cocktails, the Beach Bar reflects the beauty of true Balinese camaraderie.

Other amenities

As a guest at any of the three AYANA hotels, you can expect an inside preview into the golden age of Kuta’s bygone era as the club offers amenities such as temporary tattoos, hair-braiding service and beachside massages performed under a coconut tree using natural coconut oil.

More info

Kubu Beach Club has a capacity of up to 80 guests. Therefore, you are encouraged to plan ahead when booking the place for events, private dining and beachfront cocktail parties for a small group of people. The club opens everyday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm with lunch service being served from 11:00 am. If you are planning to visit Bali with your family and you are a guest at AYANA, then you can enjoy the club’s delicious and comforting meals with your children.

A perfect holiday includes endless lounging on a sun bed with a cocktail or beer in one hand and a book in the other, but why not complement the two with some nice music and company. Inviting relaxation and inner peace, Kubu Beach Club is more than a mere getaway, you cannot stay at AYANA and not indulge in this luxury.

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