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Learn Thai Cooking in Chiang Mai


One of the great places to see in Thailand is Chiang Mai. This city, which is located in northern Thailand, was established in 1296. The Old City area of the city still shows remnants of the enclave’s historical remains as a Buddhist stronghold and Thai cultural center. In fact, the city boasts hundreds of Buddhist temples, two of which include Wat Chedi Luang (built in the 1400s) and Wat Phra Singh (a 14th century landmark).

Schedule a Night Safari

Besides visiting Old City Buddhist temples, you will want to schedule a Chiang Mai safari at night. Safari adventurers can take the tour on foot or visit the site by way of an open-sided tram. This tour, which starts southwest of the Chiang Mai International Airport, features activities such as petting tiger cubs and feeding the area’s wild animals by hand.

Take a Trip to a Mysterious Underground City

The southern part of Chiang Mai City features Wiang Kum Kam, an underground city of ancient tunes. Be prepared to get impressed, as the site is home to stone tablets and sculptures, pottery, and architecture that is Buddhist inspired.

Interact with Retired Elephants

Visit the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, and see retired elephants in their humane habitat. The elephants were once used in the tourism and logging fields. One of the popular interactive activities is bathing the elephants. However, because of the age of the elephants, guests are not permitted to ride them.

Birdwatch at Doi Inthanon

While in Chiang Mai, you can also visit the highest peak in Thailand, known as Doi Inthanon. The incline rises to 2,565 meters, and is considered an ideal birdwatching site. In fact, about 362 species of birds reside in this area.

Learn How to Cook Thai Style

Naturally, all the aforementioned activities will give you an appetite. That is why you also want to schedule a day for learning how to cook Thai specialties at a Chiang Mai Thai cookery school. This will be an important part of your travel experience, as you get to learn firsthand how Thai dishes are made by a local cooking expert. You can choose half-day classes in the morning or evening, or opt for a full-day course or private course that lasts a full day.

Students who set aside a full day of cooking can choose up to five dishes from six categories. You will learn how to make a stir-fried dish, Thai soup, an appetizer, curry paste, curry specialty, and dessert. This type of cooking is just what the doctor ordered – literally. You will learn how to cook heart-healthy dishes and delicious weight-reducing cuisine.

Visit a Handicraft Village

After partaking in this activity, you will be ready to venture out again. Make sure you schedule a trip to Bo Sang Handicraft Village, a place that is known for its handcrafted parasols and umbrellas. In fact, the umbrella is one of Chiang Mai’s most popular symbols. That is because the city has you covered when it comes to experiencing life to its fullest.

If you have never visited Chiang Mai, now is the time to schedule a trip. Whether you go it alone or with your spouse or family, you will find that it is one place that you will never forget.

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