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Most Popular Pubs in Mumbai for a Night to Remember


Mumbai is home to a plethora of karaoke bars, microbreweries and night clubs. From live music gigs to refreshing cocktails, the city can satisfy anyone’s nightlife cravings. It is true that Mumbai never sleeps. The locals here love pub hopping and de-stressing after the sun goes down.

So, if you are taking a Delhi to Mumbai flight, here’s where you can drop in for some good times.

1. Social Offline

Mumbai’s drinking scenes are diverse. Social Offline, located at Versova, Khar and Colaba, brings together a café and informal workspace under one roof. This is probably the only place that pulls off this concept so well. Various people unleash their creativity here, while sipping their drinks. The rustic background with soft music adds on to the charm of Social Offline. You are sure to feel at home here, since it now has branches in Delhi too.

2. Toast & Tonic

This pub is well known for its gin-based Diablo and Atelier Cocktails. These are extremely refreshing and perfect for the summer. Mumbaikars enjoy the in-house tonics, which are beautifully infused with traditional Indian flavours. The pub owes its popularity to the delicious appetizers, which are usually prepared from local produce. Citrus Basil Tonic and Pineapple Tonic are a must try here for their amazing fruity taste.

3. Tap Resto Bar

If you have some free time on the day your Delhi to Mumbai flight lands, walk in for a classy pubbing experience. Great hospitality, coupled with delicious cuisine, makes this a perfect hangout spot. You can try the hookah and draught beer while enjoying a Karaoke night. The ambience is buzzing with energy, which can liven up your mood real quick.

4. The Ghetto

The ambience is all neon and the crowd here is fancy. You can savour big mugs of draught beer here. The Ghetto also boasts some of the finest whiskey and wines for all alcohol connoisseurs. Murals of Bob Marley and Che Guevara, classic rock music and exciting games make this pub quite popular among the young crowd. So, whether you have booked flights between Delhi to Mumbai for leisure or work, make sure to visit here for a glorious evening.

5. Barrel & Co.

This is an ideal spot if you need to charge yourself up. Soulful tunes, great crowd and a host of stellar drinks await you here. Sangria with rose wine, foreign whiskies, gin and beer – they have it all. The service is super quick and the food is delicious. Take your pick from chicken drumsticks and barbeque chicken pizza to pair with your drinks.

6. Tryst

If you like to party like an animal, this should be your go-to place. It has a massive dance floor and a great playlist to keep you grooving through the night. Continental and Indian dishes, along with strong LIIT, are most loved here. The ambience reflects the urban culture and is perfect for a late night soiree.

Your Mumbai trip would definitely be incomplete without clubbing at these party hot spots. However, make sure you don’t drink too much before boarding your flight from Mumbai to Delhi.

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