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Must-See Tourist Attractions In New Hampshire


Right there, on the American northeast, lays the beautiful state of North Hampshire! It is full of breathtaking places and friendly people who like to put those breathtaking places on display. If you ask them, they will tell you that this is the most beautiful state to live in. So, listen to them. Of course, you don’t have to move right away, but, give this state a visit. You can start with some of the must-see tourist attractions in New Hampshire first. For instance, you can visit the historical cities, charming parks, wild forests, and end your journey at some mesmerizing lake. The things you can do in these places are almost infinite, but, we recommend kayaking, hiking, and skiing. We assure you that nature and all its flora and fauna will make you fall in love with New Hampshire.

White Mountain National Forest

We can’t talk about the must-see tourist attractions in New Hampshire without mentioning the most famous of them all – the White Mountain National Forest. Everybody, and their mothers, know about this place. It is a go-to place if you want to travel in New Hampshire. Why? Because it has something for everybody! Here, you can hike the most amazing trails, cool of in the waterfalls, camp in the valleys, meet the animals (eagles, bears, moose, etc.), collect healing plants, climb to the most majestic peaks, camp in tents or wooden cabins, and many other things.

However, if you have never been to this never-ending forest before, better find a tour guide or, at least, go with a friend who knows these lands. As mentioned earlier, the White Mountain, National Park is huge and full of wild animals. You need somebody to guide you in the right (safe) direction.


If you are reading this article because you plan to move to New Hampshire, you are probably moving to Manchester – a city known for plenty of employment opportunities and cheap real estate options. But, this is not all Manchester is known for, no. Here, you can elevate yourself culturally, work on your education, participate in all possible sports, shop ’till you drop, wine and dine, meet amazing people, etc. So, as soon as My Brooks Moving New Hampshire movers unpack you, put on your walking shoes and start exploring the city.

Start with the famous mill town where you can try local specialties and craft beer, shop in the antique stores, and learn about the city’s culture and history. Then, visit some of the museums – the Currier Museum of Art and Manchester Historical Society Millyard Museum, or some centers such as Amoskeag Fishways Learning and Visitors Center. Finally, when the night comes, go downtown and check out the restaurants, pubs, and bars.


Welcome to New Hampshire’s capital city – Concord! This city represents a true mixture of modern and old. In the city center, you can find many modern buildings, skyscrapers, and all the amenities a big city can offer you. But, once you leave the center, you will find beautiful, old houses in the Greek Revival Style. And, you will find those houses nestled in charming streets full of trees and flowers. This is where can take some of the most beautiful travel photos – so be sure to have your camera with you!

When you get tired of viewing the city’s attractions (if that is even possible), you can go for a picnic in some of the city’s many parks, or have lunch in one of the city’s many restaurants. Then, hop on a bus and go to Canterbury Shaker Village – one of the biggest a national historic landmarks and museums in the entire state.


If cities are your thing but you don’t want to elbow with tourists (as you probably would in bigger cities mentioned above), consider coming to Nashua – one of the still undiscovered must-see attractions in New Hampshire. It is a small England city with a population of under 90000 that not a lot of tourists come to. But, use its ‘unpopularity’ to your advantage. Here, you can hike alone through the Mines Fall Park, play sports at Greeley Park, enjoy the beauty of Nashua River Rail Trail, visit the Hindu Temple, grab a craft beer and enjoy a live game at the stadium, tour museums, etc.

We are certain that you will fall in love with this small, charming city. If you do, great! Nashua’s local movers can help you settle in within a few days! Just make sure you have a home and a job waiting for you here. Doing that is also easy, believe it or not. Homes, either for renting or buying, are on the cheaper side here. And, there are many job opportunities both in and outside of the city. So, don’t be afraid of moving here – Nashua will treat you well.

Bretton Woods Mountain Resort

One of the last but definitely not the least must-see tourist attractions in New Hampshire is Bretton Woods Mountain Resort! This is a perfect place to visit in the fall when the whole resort gets covered in shades of gold, yellow, and orange. You can actually book a room with large windows in this resort and watch the leaves turn colors. Moreover, Bretton Woods Mountain Resort is also a perfect place for ski-lovers. It is so perfect that all the celebrities (including presidents) love coming here during the winter months and hitting the slopes. And, if you find yourself during the remaining two seasons (summer and spring), you can always go for a hike, bike the day away, go for a picnic, etc.

As you have seen, there are many must-see tourist attractions in New Hampshire, you just have to find ones that suit your needs and preferences. Whichever you choose, that is, whichever New Hampshire destination you go to, we are sure that you will have a blast. So, don’t wait! Book your travel ticket and start packing your bags – New Hampshire is waiting for you.

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