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The Best Time To Visit Playa Del Carmen


Weather plays a deciding factor in the choice of a destination to have your vacation. With Playa Del Carmen, the myriad changes in the weather provide for a fascinating experience. Enjoying a semi-tropical climate the whole year through this place is slightly hot in summer and also experiences hurricanes from June to November.

Generally people come to this capital of Mayan Riviera to

  • Escape the cold weather prevalent at their place of stay,
  • Get freedom from the pressures of work,
  • Get away from the boredom of following the same daily routine and
  • For getting ample rest and relaxation to rejuvenate them.

With the availability of ample hotels in Playa Del Carmen, it is easy to find accommodation to be able to peacefully enjoy the varied activities this place has to offer. The major attractions of this city are:

  • Its endless white beaches made of sand which is very soft to touch,
  • The amazing crystalline turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean sea,
  • The laidback and slow paced life of the people and the place and
  • The perfectly warm tropical weather conditions.

Best time to visit

Even though tourists can visit Playa del Carmen throughout the whole year, November to April is considered to be the high season here. Hence it makes practical sense to book hotels in Playa Del Carmen in advance for tourists who want to visit during this time.

Climatic conditions during the whole year

  • Months from February and May: These are considered to be beautiful months as
    • The sea is clear, calm and perfect for sailing,
    • The jelly fish or “agua mala” as it is locally called, comes to visit during this time and
    • The days are warm and sunny while the nights are breezy and cool.
  • Months from June to august: These are hot, steamy months for Playa del Carmen which also experiences some rainfall during this time.
  • Months of September and October: Hurricanes and Tropical storms are very common during this time. There are intermittent rains with the days still remaining hot and humid.
  • Months from November and January: These are considered to be the coolest months for Playa del Carmen with the days remaining sunny and warm with the nights becoming cool with a light breeze blowing. Rains are rare but a slight chill in the air cannot be ruled out during the evenings.

Since there is not much weather fluctuation in Playa del Carmen, carrying lightweight cotton clothes and beachwear are generally enough. A light sweater is a must if the time of vacation falls between the months of November and October.


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