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The Top Five Ways to Make Your Next Fine Dining Experience in Thailand One to Remember


There is something to be said for the fact that even in a region of the world where culinary perfection is a way of life, Thai cuisine still manages to stand out. Even with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine all making their mark on the world stage as well, they haven’t been able to overshadow the culinary brilliance of Thai dining. There is an incredible variety in Thai cuisine, to say nothing of the fact that its reliance upon veggie dishes make it one of the best choices for those looking into vegetarian and heart smart diets.

In addition, it also makes for an incredibly fine dining experience.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help ensure that your Thai fine dining is as perfect as the dishes themselves.

  1. Book Ahead of Time

First and foremost, you want to make sure to book your reservations well ahead of time. The best Thai restaurants can be booked for days and even weeks in some cases. At the same time, there are plenty of smaller-scale Thai restaurants which offer fine dining and don’t typically require such a long wait.

As with so many things in the culinary world, it’s a matter of taste. Whichever type of Thai restaurant you feel like frequenting, though, it’s always a good idea to call ahead of time and ask about booking a table in advance.

  1. Appetizers and Entrees

You always want to be sure to start your Thai meal with a few appetizers or light entrees. Among the best appetizer options served by the finest of fine dining establishments in Thailand include:

  • Steamed vegetable salads
  • Pak Nam Pho
  • Leaf wraps
  • Pastry shells
  • Spicy crab salads
  1. Main Courses

Once you have warmed up your taste buds with those tantalizingly appetizing entrees, it’s time to move onto the main course. Here again, there is a huge amount of variety from which you can choose. Among the most notable main courses for those looking to fully experience fine dining in Thailand are:

  • All manner of different soups, ranging from milder veggie options to spicier offerings
  • Fried fish
  • Giant catfish
  • Chicken curry
  • Coconut shells
  • Basil leaves
  • River shrimp
  • Charcoal-grilled beef entrees
  • Kaeng Khe Lhek
  • Homnin rice, Sangyod rice, and other rice options
  1. Drinks and Deserts

You’ll naturally want some savory drinks to go with all of that. Thai tea can be incredibly soothing, and is definitely something you’ll want to try if you’re looking for a full authentic Thai culinary experience. You’ll also want to check the wine list and see if anything pairs exceptionally well with your main course.

Don’t forget about desert – Thailand’s best fine dining establishments serve some of the most succulent deserts in Southeast Asia.

  1. A World-Class Culinary Team

You always want to dine somewhere special, especially when you’ve traveled so far for the dining experience. The best fine dining restaurants in Thailand go above and beyond to make guests feel welcome and satisfied with a world-class culinary team and polite and friendly wait staff.

Enjoy your next meal at a great fine dining establishment in Thailand.

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