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Things to Do in St Christopher’s Place


The enchanting streets of St. Christopher’s Place are perfectly tucked away giving you the opportunity to escape the crowds. St. Christopher’s Place is a square just off Oxford Street, an oasis of calm separate from the manic tourism common on Oxford Street. It has a relaxing village type feel to it. The shops and restaurants are small independent places not the huge chains expected on the typical high street.

Simply put, the area is quaint and picturesque; the type of places that feels like it couldn’t possibly exist, a secret refuge. If you’re not local and you’re simply trying to plan a little weekend break you’ll need somewhere to stay, the hotels are lovely but personally we suggest looking for St. Christopher’s Place apartments to rent for the duration of your break. Apartments are simply more homey and allow for a more comprehensive experience.

Bond Street is nearby and is known worldwide for its plethora of stores, brands, fashion, goods, jewelry, art and antiquities. You can find it a stones throw away from St. Christopher’s in Mayfair. Bond Street is a haven for financial hedonism. Since it was founded in the eighteenth-century Bond Street has been a playground for the elite. It is home to some of the most prestigious designers including Burberry, Chanel, Cartier and many more. Bond street combines history and elegance in an example of modern luxury. Even if you can’t quite afford the decadence it never hurt anyone to window shop!

Wig more Hall is an astounding concert hall which specialists in chamber and instrumental music as well as early music and song. The hall is over a hundred years old, and continues to offer music of an outstanding quality, but it also offers a wider variety of activities available to the community. Nestled in central London, Wig more brings music to life due to it’s soloists and chamber musicians – the hall also hosts a showcase for exceptional young artists. It remains an essential platform for artists.

Burlock is a rum room dedicated to the infamy of the spirit. There are over two hundred rums to choose from around the world. The atmosphere itself is lively and intoxicating, the rums themselves inspire much of the process, from the distillation to the flavour to the heritage. Just off Bond Street, the interior is decorated with vintage prints, a sipping salon and retro hairdryers. A veranda offers a prime opportunity to people watch. Book a table or just pop into the bar.

The Wallace collection is a free museum which displays amazing works of art in a historically accurate London townhouse. The collection was principally acquired in the nineteenth century by a couple of lords and a few marquesses. Twenty-eight rooms of history and art – to see it is to see true decadence.

There is plenty to see and do around St Christopher’s Place this Autumn. Take the leap. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

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