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Tips for travelling to Europe in winter


Who does not want to visit Europe? If you can visit Europe only in winter, then you might have second thoughts, because the majority of people plan their trips during summer. Well, you should know that Europe is beautiful no matter the season. Many people prefer to visit it during winter because they have the possibility to take part in Christmas markets. If you want to feel like you are in a winter wonderland then you should visit the markets in the Alps. But you should know from the beginning that visiting Europe during winter has its own challenges, so you have to be prepared for this type of trip. The great advantage when you visit Europe during winter is that the cities are not be crowded. During summer there are floods of tourists, but as the warm sun fades, so do the tourists.  If you want to travel to Europe in winter, then you should know some things that will help you make the most of your trip.

You should visit Europe during holidays

If you want to have a magical time when visiting Europe, then you should plan your holiday during the winter holidays. Make sure you include Germany on the list of countries you will visit, because you will feel like a kid again on their Christmas markets. While there you will spend hours admiring the Christmas trees, while you taste multiple types of gingerbread and drink mulled wine. The most breath-taking cities to visit during wintertime are London. Nuremberg, Prague and Vienna. And you should not forget about Rovaniemi, Finland that is the official hometown of Santa Claus.

Limit your luggage

It is a great idea to limit your luggage, especially if you do not travel solo. The majority of people are not carry-on only travellers, but this time it is mandatory to limit yourself to a suitcase and a handbag. In case you travel by car, then you have to make sure that all passengers can place their luggage into the rooftop cargo of the car. It is advisable to limit the number of suitcases, because you may need to have one of your hands free to use the umbrella. If you will travel by train, you will have only a few minutes to get on and off train. Manoeuvring luggage in a few minutes can be a real speed test, especially because train platforms may be covered in snow, or it may rain outside.

Make sure you have decent winter gear

If you do not have the right winter gear when you visit Europe, you will feel a little miserable. If you live in a southern country and you decide to travel to Europe during the cold season, then you should know that the clothes you consider suited for winter, here can be worn during autumn. Make sure that you pack decent winter gear because this is the only way you will make your trip enjoyable. It is important to have waterproof shoes, gloves, thermal layers and an insulating jacket.

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