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Top 5 beaches in Russia for a fun-filled vacation


Spanning over Eastern Europe and Northern Asia, Russia is the largest country in the world. Famous for its mountains, valleys, massive deserts, natural geyser fields and stunning art and architecture, Russia is indeed a marvel when it comes to tourism. But did you know that it also has exquisite beaches that are of profound importance? Well, that’s right! Adding to its beauty, are some of the pristine beaches that provide a perfect escape zone from stress in life. From sub-tropical to soft white sands and azure blue waters, Russian beaches are an absolute gift of God and you will be totally mesmerised by its alluring beauty.

Since I am a water baby, I always wanted to check out the beach destinations in Russia first. Therefore, without much delay, I completed my international flight booking to this place last year and covered the following beaches on my trip. Here is a thorough overview of the beach destinations that I covered on my tour.

Khalaktyrsky Beach

Khalaktyrsky Beach is a great place to unwind and relax in Russia. Bordered with black sand, this beach is one of the most popular beaches in the country. From spectacular views of the ocean to the waves crashing on the shore, Khalaktyrsky Beach is a happening getaway destination both for the locals and tourists. Here, I went for a swim and walked along the coastline as well to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you can also take part in the enthralling water activities that this beach delivers such as surfing.

Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach was always on my Russian beaches list. Riviera Beach is flocked by tourists from all around the map, owing to its wonderful location. Situated in the easternmost stretch of Sochi’s Black Sea, this beach is an ideal place to hang out with family and friends. But I travelled here solo and experienced the banana boat ride and parachute flights. You can come here and try their other recreational activities as well such as hydro cycle rides and trampoline jumping. If you don’t feel like indulging in water sports, you can simply laze on the beach or take a stroll down the coast and savour mouth-watering seafood appetizers from the nearby eateries surrounding the beach.

Olympic Beach

Situated in Imereti lowlands in Sochi, Olympic beach lies in the colourful pebbles scattered throughout the area. I was so fascinated by those cute little pebbles that I collected some of them on my way back. While I was there, I enjoyed the cool breeze of the ocean and gazed at the scenic beauty that Olympic Beach beholds. Stretching from the Olympic Park to the Psou River at Abkhazia border, this beach features a well-maintained cycling track as well as other activities. If you are planning a trip to Russia, a visit to Olympic Beach must be added to your itinerary. Also, I would recommend you to try out the different local snacks prepared at the nearby cafes and restaurants of the shoreline. I had my lunch at the cafe nearby and was impressed by the food quality.

Laskovy Beach

Situated in the vicinity of Repino town, the Laskovy Beach is regarded as the one of topmost favourite beaches of Russia. With sparkling blue waters fringing the coast, Laskovy Beach is dotted with dense pine forests. I headed to this beach in Russia, to witness the picturesque views of the ocean and to feel a close connection with nature. If you are at Laskovy Beach, you must try their local drink “Kvass” or fermented rye water. Also, you can indulge in kite flying and try their lip-smacking delicacies along with cold drinks.

Promenade Beach

Known for its sparkling blue waters and striking white sand, the Promenade Beach makes itself one of the most magical beaches in the entire country. Situated in Yantarnyy, this beach offers ample opportunities to explore at peace. From a family outing to taking part in numerous adrenaline-filled water activities, the beach caters to the different moods of the tourists. At this pristine beach, I went for a ropeway ride and also indulged in fishing. Both the experiences were unexpectedly good and I would love to come back to try these activities again.

So, these are the famous beaches in Russia that I explored on my last visit. If you too want to explore them, then do not wait longer. Carry the important documents, make the necessary booking and head out for the Russian beach exploration today.

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