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What Parents Need to Know About the Copilot Double Bike Trailer


If you’re looking for a great bike transport system, look no further than the Copilot Double Bike Trailer. This unit is the answer to what every parent is searching for, a safe and secure transportation option for their child’s bike. It features both a four-seat platform for two adults and two children and one-two seats for one adult and one child.

When you add in the twin-axle front and rear suspension, you get the dual-platform design that is sure to be the best in any bike trailer. The rear frame also has a locking system so that it is secure, preventing your child from riding out of its confines. Plus, there is also a lockable top to ensure the safety of your child.

Also included with the Copilot Double Bike Trailer is a patented step chain mechanism. The result is that your child does not slide from the trailer, which is made out of aluminum, but instead is positioned under the platform as if it were sitting on a throne. This ensures that they are able to be seated safely and is a big plus for children, who might be susceptible to slipping.

To further secure the bike, truck beds are provided. There is a locking feature that prevents the bikes from rolling away, but there is still enough room in the bed to handle bikes up to 38 inches. In addition, there is a wheelbarrow attachment so that you can carry those larger bikes under the bed, as well.

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So how does the Copilot Double Bike Trailer work? Well, when your child arrives, he or she can be fitted into the rear seats. They then get their own pedals, a bottle holder, and can also have drinks and snacks.

Also, you can use the rear bench seat as a second sleeping area. Since it sits higher off the ground, it is also much easier for them to climb in and out of.

Since the Copilot Double Bike Trailer is meant for bikes and not for cars, you can rest assured that your child will be safe and secure. However, if you have kids who love cars, then you can definitely opt for a larger trailer to transport your car with your child.

For the most part, the bike trailer itself is durable and rust-resistant. In fact, the entire frame is covered with powder coated powder coat vinyl.

With a Copilot Double Bike Trailer, you can also opt for optional accessories like storage boxes, bike racks, tire levers, and the likes. The additional items will help you transport your bikes in comfort and convenience.

Since the trailer is also air-conditioned, you can drive your child right from the trailer to your destination with a little bit of ease. There is also an interior climate control that keeps your child in the perfect temperature, regardless of whether it is summer or winter, depending on where you are going.

With a Copilot Double Bike Trailer, you can also secure your bike in a compact storage compartment. There is also a remote control feature that makes it very easy to lift and move the entire unit, while still allowing your child to be safe and secure.

With all the above, you know why it is such a good idea to invest in a Copilot Double Bike Trailer. So what are you waiting for?

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