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Why Odessa Special


Travelling to Odessa and living the tourist life will grant you the perfect and unique unforgettable experience that keep these memories will imprinted in your memory, it is considered one of the best touristic cities in Europe, It’s touristic destination with it’s buildings and very clear cleanliness will make you consider revisiting, & what made Odessa Ukraine special .

Art of Architecture

One of the most distinctive features of Odessa that you will notice once you begin roaming around the city is it’s one of a kind Architecture, It had been always the center of the russian culture inside europe although if you looked much closer you will find a bit of a french taste.

In fact, a lot of people agree that the french taste is the more dominant one, Deribasovskaya pedestrian street is a must go there you will feel this art while you are walking in a lane made for pedestrians.

The opera house in Odessa is considered the second biggest opera house after the one in Milan, it’s famous for its exquisite design and feel. As for Odessa’s streets you will find the mix between modern and vintage styles.

Soviet Antiques

Cars, playgrounds & amusement parks are these things were left by the soviets which sure did leave a special taste in the city and affected its culture, You will know these monuments once you will see it and you will be even more amazed when you know how long they had been there. You will find one of a kind cable car in Shevchenko’s Park there you will find an ancient memorial for the unknown soldier, This park is in the honor for those who died while fighting the siege which surrounded Odessa in 1941, Although the locals of the city don’t understand this language but you would be able to hear the echoes of the old folklore songs in order to excite the soldiers for the battle which the locals reacted to it’s heroic uplifting melodies.

Museum of Western and Eastern Art

This magnificent archaeological museum was founded 1825, these unique museum hall exhibit some of the finest art pieces gathered from the west and east part of the world, where the majority of the items goes back to the egyptain pharaohs phase thanks to ancient rome and greece, you will find displays of ancient jewelry made from very precious metals.

What makes Odessa special is a very hard question that no one can answer briefly, There you will find a large variety of touristic sites which plays a very important role for keeping the tourism activity going and preserving the natural taste of the city. All you have to do is set your needs and goals straight while planning for your trip before going there, never leave the plan after arriving and be sure that the more you are organized with the scheduling of your trip the more fun you will have. And Odessa will make sure that it got you covered for any tourist interest.

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