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Would You Like to Learn More About Thai Culture?


One of the best ways to learn about Thai culture in Pattaya is to check out attractions and see one of the legendary plays. In this case, plays surrounding the works of King Rama VI, “the father of dialogue plays,” are a chance to gain an intimate knowledge of the literary scene historically and culturally.

Would You Like to See a Show?

You cannot visit a location such as Pattaya or any major city in Thailand without seeing a play or nighttime entertainment. A Thai cultural show in Pattaya, for instance, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get an introduction to the entertainment interests of the Thai people. To truly benefit from this type of performance, you need to book a time to enjoy this event. You also need to research the prolific writings of Rama VI, who was born on January 1, 1881 in Bangkok.

At that time, Thailand was known as Siam. The king, who received an education at the University of Oxford, enjoyed an avid interest in the law and history. He also went through military training and served for a short time in the British army. He succeeded his father Chulalongkorn in 1910.

An Excellent Translator

In his private life, Rama VI proved to be an excellent translator and writer. He enjoyed introducing Western types of writing in Thai literature, which led to this development of dialogue dramas. While plays related to dialogue are influenced by the West, the king still used his experiences in his homeland to produce 50 original plays. Many of the plays were adaptations of French or English dramatists. The king also translated Shakespearean plays.

Besides the king’s influence in events and activities, the traditional practice of building a spirit house, which is designed to shelter spirits, is part of life in Pattaya. The spirit houses resemble Thai temples. However, they are smaller. People leave daily offerings such as flowers, burning incense, beverages, or foods at the houses. The spirit houses have a prevailing influence in Pattaya as some can even be seen along the roadways.

The Sanctuary of Truth

Besides viewing the cultural shows, visitors to Pattaya also enjoy one of the city’s most influential monuments, the Sanctuary of Truth. The large timber building was first constructed in 1981. The building, which is quite tall, features wood sculptures and offers activities such as dolphin entertainment during the day.

Pattaya’s Floating Market

The floating market is yet another Pattaya attraction that is well worth visiting if you love shopping. You won’t have another shopping experience such as this one as the floating market is unique to Thai interests and way the residents do things.

A Free Attraction of Note

One of the more well-known shrines is found on Phra Tamnak Hill. You can see Wat Phra Yai, a huge golden Buddha. This free attraction is one that you cannot miss when seeing the sights and attractions in Pattaya. Whether you go to a show or visit a shrine, you will not have another experience to rival the ones that you will have in Pattaya.

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