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What Visa Do You Need To Live Abroad?


Visas are generally permissions for staying in abroad countries. Visas usually differ on the basis of stay tenure and purpose of stay. Visa for permanent Portuguese residency citizenship can be now easily acquired.

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Types of visas for living abroad:

  • Student visa: If you are travelling abroad for studies then nothing can be the best option other than acquiring a student visa. This kind of visa has given a great opportunity to many students who aspire for studying higher courses in their favourite abroad destinations.
  • Tourist visa: If you are planning a trip abroad for one or more months then you have to carry tourist visa long. This visa will allow you to stay at your chosen foreign destination for spending your holiday in peace. There are definitely restrictions over the number of days you are staying and thus you have to consider the same while going for this visa.
  • Internship and volunteer visa: The visa can be easily acquired to compare work permits as it does not include paid employment. In most of the cases, short-term interns or volunteers get this visa for almost three months. If you think that your stay is going to stretch a bit longer then, in that case, a tourist visa can be used in place of the concerned one.
  • Retirement visa: If you have decided to settle in any foreign destination after retirement then this visa will be of great use to you. If you can show the proof of regular income after retirement from your own country then you can easily get this visa from different countries. In this case, you might even receive proper residency-permits.
  • Visa for long-term work: This visa can be easily obtained with the help of the company you are currently working for. If your company has transferred you to any foreign location for work then they will assist you in receiving this visa. In this case, local authorities should acknowledge or approve your employment and then only you can use the visa without experiencing any kind of inconveniences.
  • Permanent citizenship and residency visa: If you have legally stayed in any specific country then you can automatically get this visa. The visa is the sign of your secured residentship. If you are thinking of having permanent residentship in your favourite overseas country then you should go for this kind of visa without any doubt. Permanent Portuguese residency citizenship visa is now getting applied by many people.

Many more visa types are emerging these days and if you want to get a fair idea about them then you should get into thorough online surfing. If you are intending to gain a permanent Portuguese residency citizenship visa then you have to look for an experienced visa agent.

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