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Get Up! Surf’s Up


Get your wet suit, grab your surf board and let’s head to the beach! If you have ever wanted to surf, if you have ever wanted to experience the feel of really being able to ride the waves… if you have ever felt an ounce of jealousy when you see people in the ocean having a surfing session, now is your chance to be able to see what it is like to surf! That’s right… you can learn how to surf and have the amazing experience that many get to have every time they hit the beach and jump into the ocean waters with their boards! Of course you can learn to surf in a lot of places, but one of the best places you can learn how to ride the waves is at the Hanalei Surf School!

Hanalei Surf School is a great surf school that is located in Hanalei, you will find that you can get surf lessons as well as stand up paddle lessons that are high-quality and that you will thoroughly enjoy! They offer surf lessons that can be scheduled for two hours; if you prefer to have private lessons that are taught one on one you can do that, if you want a semi private class that is for you and a friend you can go that route or if you would like to make a reservation for a group of your family and friends you can do that as well! There are endless possibilities when it comes to the style of class you’ll be in, but you do whatever you need to so that you learn how to surf!

The surf school want you to feel as comfortable as you can, they want to let you know what you can expect from them as trainers! When you are taking surfing lessons you can choose a private surf lesson for one, a private surf lesson for two, a private group or family lesson for three people or a private group or family lesson for four people. Once you have decided how big your group will be, you need to focus on other things. The lessons will all be held in Hanalei Bay, which is located at the North Shore of Kauai.

If you need to use the equipment we have to offer, we can rent the equipment that is necessary. They have surfboards that come with a leash and a rash guard which will protect you. It can be used if you are a newbie into surfing and you don’t want to give up the fun! If you plan to attend more than one lesson and need the equipment for longer than a day, the package also includes a tie down roof rack so you are able to strap the surfboard onto your vehicle!

Let’s get ready to have an amazing time. The ocean is ready, prep up and let’s go!!! Surf’s up!!!

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