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Indianapolis Attractions: best things to visit in and around Indianapolis


When I first visited Indianapolis, I was amazed at its premier tourist attractions that I could cover. Right from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the Greatimes Family Fun Park, I had a great time even though I was only for three days in the small, but mesmerizing Indianapolis. I had also visited the famous zoo, the Caribbean Cove water park, the Monument Circle, the indoor karting, children’s museum, and the Indiana Beach. But, I was sure that there are much more family adventures to list that I missed or could not cover due to shortage of time.

So, I thought why not take up a more wide package and explore its other hidden attractions that make Indianapolis a worth discovering tourist destination. Let me tell you that people say that the region does not offer fun-filled parks as the other U.S. destinations have, but I am sure that the Indianapolis attractions are no less than a package full of enjoyment, satisfaction, and memories with some touch of fun too.

I am sure that you rate my this thought as ‘agreeable’ once you too visit the leading Indianapolis attractions along with those that I about to tell you now.

My Visit

All the Indianapolis attractions are accessible from the downtown or Monument circle. So, I will specify its distance in this context and note that none of the attractions are in order.

My first target was the Conner Prairie where history is made live for you to explore. Located at 16.5 miles, the site is the home of five themed historic areas for you to discover namely, Lenape Camp, Conner Homestead, 1836 Prairietown, 1859 Balloon Voyage, and 1886 Liberty Corner. I will not tell you anything more to maintain the secret! So, do not miss this one even if you do not like history at all.

One of the top 10 general art museums of America is here – Indianapolis Museum of Art accessible via a short drive or bus trip from the downtown. Adorned with gardens and posh lands, the museum’s exterior is so fascinating that allures one to explore its interior. Seriously, the art collection is a must-see thing here where the great works of the world-renowned artist activate your memories.

Now, I am talking of something much-in-one site namely, White River State Park situated in the middle of the downtown. This is the only urban state park adorned with a myriad of stunning attractions offering entertainment. The main ones are Indianapolis Zoo Victory Field Baseball Park and Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians & Western Art. The latter one is one of the two museums near Mississippi exhibiting both Native American and Western art in an amazing manner. I have purposely not mentioned anything about the baseball park as it can be really not described in words and want to maintain the curiosity in you.

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