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Top tips for visiting Vietnam


All these are our best suggestions to take advantage of your visit to Vietnam – out of when to see to what to put on in the rainy season, we have got you covered!

When to see

Deciding the”best time to see Vietnam” is completely subjective, particularly since every area has its own weather patterns. The rainy season is not always a bad time to see, as showers are normally a brief day interlude and could be projected around. The drains have the extra benefit of warming the temperatures and initiating the development of flora and foliage.


Finding secure road food

When eating street food and in little canteens and diners, attempt to decide on a place that’s crowded. This implies that the food tastes great, and that it is also refreshing.

Ice and water

It’s safest just to consume bottled water, soft drinks or boiled drinks (coffee and tea ). Ice is usually safenonetheless, if it’s being hacked off a block onto the sidewalk, it’s best avoided!

Sun maintenance

Bring your high-factor sunscreen out of house as lots of the lotions available in Vietnam twice as skin care agents.

Stay hot

Also bear in mind that lots of budget hotels and restaurants don’t have heat and it has quite cold at night.


Make sure you look at the current visa situation well beforehand of your journey and organize your visa correspondence via a broker, if needed.

Discover from a local

Vietnamese men and women love it when people talk even the smallest quantity of the speech, therefore ask the hotel staff just how to say”hi” and”thank you” – attempting to find out the language out of a publication without pronunciation help is an uphill struggle!

Rise ancient

Vietnamese individuals rise early. To find the very best of most areas, the sooner you are able to get up, the more better.

Make sure you leave a while in your schedule to do exactly the same.

In Hanoi, do not miss the opportunity to drink the lowest beer of your daily life in the sidewalk side bia hoi. And make sure you purchase some food to go for this.

Carry Modest notes

For taxis, purchasing water on the road and other tiny trades, some 10,000 girlfriends notes will be a lot greater than a fistful of 500,000s.

If you’re in Vietnam at the rainy season, think about wearing open sandals or flip flops to allow the water drain out in the event that you’re stuck in a downpour.

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