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4 Best Recommendations for Having Gala Time at Captiva Island


Captiva Island is known to have the best beach in Florida. This small stretch of land in the middle of the sea is a car drive destination from the Gulf Coast. So, you can have the fun right from the start by ditching the plane ride for a nature-obsessed car drive. Once you reach here, you can plan your stay at Captiva island rentals where you get spacious homes, serviced to perfection and easy access to the beach where you will be spending most of the time.

If you are wondering what you would do at Captiva Island, here are a few recommendations to help you have the best times.

  1. Relaxed stay in the vacation rentals

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Captiva Island rental company can offer you a royal stay with beautiful experience. The rentals are small homes, medium apartments and big condos; so, you have the best suited options to pick from. The serviced homes have all that it takes to have a relaxed time during vacation.

  1. Fun visit to Bubble Room

This is the eating joint but more famous for candies, ice-creams and cakes than the conventional meals. When you are accompanied with kids, Bubble room offers plethora of options and helps you have fun-filled moments with your little angels.

  1. Sun-baths at the beaches

Wanting to soak in the nature and also the sun, you can assign one morning to spending time at decks in beaches. Or have rugs of your own and spend time doing nothing but watching waves crushing the shore.

  1. Dolphin cruise

The excitement will know no bounds when you will find your boat right amidst the dolphins. You can have the best of the views of dolphins and you will easily fall in love with the innocent ways through which these creatures try to catch your attention.

So, if you are a sea-lover, choose Captiva Island as your vacation spot this season. This spot is easy to reach and great fun for all family members.

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