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The four best places you have to visit when you are in Ireland


Also known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is a land of rolling green hills, majestic mountains where you can uncover the mystical history of the Celts through its castle ruins, enchanted forests and the best pubs to visit and chug down a pint of ale. Truly, Ireland really is a place that is a wonder to behold.

If you are planning to visit Ireland anytime soon, you should check out this post that will give you the six best tourist spots that you should be visiting when you are there. This article is compiled by the best Scotland, England and Ireland golf tours.

  1. The Moher cliffs– This natural attraction is considered to be one of the most visited places in all of Ireland. The Moher cliffs face the great Atlantic Ocean like a towering guard of stone where you can perfectly take photos that are Instagrammable and worthy as your next profile picture. On top of the cliffs, you can check out the island’s iconic meadows made of green grass, while you can get a scenic view of the Galway Bay where the water crashes to the rock formation on the sea. The Cliffs of Moher is a towering 120-meters high that will surely offer you a captivating view of the entire coastline on Ireland’s side facing the Atlantic Ocean and the Aran Islands out in the sea.
  2. The town of Sligo– The small but very welcoming town of Sligo is a must-visit for tourists like you because it is known for its charming medieval structure and way of living of the folks there where you are taken back in time. You can visit medieval-style arched stone bridges, also abbeys that have lichen spots and the beautiful 19th-century townhouses that gives you the best countryside experience. You can also enjoy the natural beauty of the WB Yeats when you reach its peak where you can also see the monolith of the Knocknarea Mountain which is a mythic tomb of Queen Maedbh. The area is decorated with its centuries-old cairn stones that are covered with moss that is surely a breathtaking view on its own.
  3. Killarney National park– Situated amidst the great natural treasures of the Kerry County, the lush forest in Ireland known for its majestic red deer and other majestic animals is perfect for those who are looking for a trekking adventure where you will get to see swathes of centuries-old oak, yew, and an ashen forest.
  4. Dublin– If you are looking for a lively feel, you can always visit Dublin where the best pubs in the world are situated. Get to experience overflowing Guinness at the same time enjoy its Georgian architecture that is well-preserved. The capital of Ireland is filled with many great things to see, feel, and taste.
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