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Will You Be Traveling Underground?


Bangkok is a large city. Therefore, not everyone chooses to travel by rental car. Many people book a hotel room near the MRT, which is the Mass Rapid Transit network and the subway in the capital. This network serves 18 stations and spans for a long distance forming a horseshoe (turnaround) in the city. It goes from Hua Lamphong (near Chinatown) to the north and Bang Sue. The trains make travel convenient as they arrive about every seven minutes and link to the Skytrain in Sukhumvit.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

By arranging a stay at a hotel near MRT Bangkok, you can have the best of both worlds — a place to stay and a train to take you where you want to go. You don’t have to rent a car and try to figure out where certain attractions are located. The idea is to enjoy a smart vacation where you can make the best use of the amenities that are provided to you.

Why Being Close to the MRT Is Important to Travelers

When making hotel plans, search for hotels that are near the MRT. After you choose a hotel, find out what attractions you can see while taking the underground train. This will give you a good basis for an itinerary. You won’t have to worry about renting a car, learning how to decipher the GPS device, or muddling through throngs of people.

Simply Walk Out of Your Hotel and Find the Nearest MRT Station

All you have to do is walk to the station near your hotel to your planned destination. This sort of planning makes seeing Bangkok extra pleasant, especially if you have not visited the city before. Even if you are a veteran traveler to Bangkok, you will find that staying in a property close to MRT Bangkok will make your journey easier.

Make Exploring Bangkok Fun

Once you get the hang of using the underground transport, you will have a lot of fun exploring. You can see so much more on foot or when you take public transport. While driving a car can be convenient, it can also be a headache. That is why visitors and residents in Bangkok like to take the underground train and the linking Skytrain.

Where Do You Want to Go in Bangkok?

If you want to make the most of your journey to Bangkok, make sure that you have your travel plans laid out so you can travel by train. Not only will you feel more adventurous but you will find that going by train will lend to the excitement of a Bangkok trip.

Don’t Make Things More Confusing

While traveling underground may sound clandestine to some, it really is one experience that is memorable in a place such as Bangkok. Why add to the confusion that the crowds in Bangkok tend to create? Instead, hop on board the underground train and let it take you to where you wish to go. If you want to explore Bangkok and see it up close, you should book your hotel close to the MRT Bangkok. Make your trip easy and memorable. Have fun and see the sights by train.

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