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Will You Be Traveling Underground?

Bangkok is a large city. Therefore, not everyone chooses to travel by rental car. Many people book a hotel room near the MRT, which is the Mass Rapid Transit network and the subway in the capital. This network serves 18 stations and spans for a long distance forming a horseshoe (turnaround) in the city. It goes from Hua Lamphong (near Chinatown) to the north and Bang Sue. The trains make travel convenient as they arrive about every seven minutes and link to the Skytrain in Sukhumvit.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

By arranging a stay at a hotel near MRT Bangkok, you can have the best of both worlds — a place to stay and a train to take you where you want to go. You don’t have to rent a car and try to figure out where certain attractions are located. The idea is to enjoy a smart vacation where you can make the best use of the amenities that are provided to you.

Why Being Close to the MRT Is Important to Travelers

When making hotel plans, search for hotels that are near the MRT. After you choose a hotel, find out what attractions you can see while taking the underground train. This will give you a good basis for an itinerary. You won’t have to worry about renting a car, learning how to decipher the GPS device, or muddling through throngs of people.

Simply Walk Out of Your Hotel and Find the Nearest MRT Station

All you have to do is walk to the station near your hotel to your planned destination. This sort of planning makes seeing Bangkok extra pleasant, especially if you have not visited the city before. Even if you are a veteran traveler to Bangkok, you will find that staying in a property close to MRT Bangkok will make your journey easier.

Make Exploring Bangkok Fun

Once you get the hang of using the underground transport, you will have a lot of fun exploring. You can see so much more on foot or when you take public transport. While driving a car can be convenient, it can also be a headache. That is why visitors and residents in Bangkok like to take the underground train and the linking Skytrain.

Where Do You Want to Go in Bangkok?

If you want to make the most of your journey to Bangkok, make sure that you have your travel plans laid out so you can travel by train. Not only will you feel more adventurous but you will find that going by train will lend to the excitement of a Bangkok trip.

Don’t Make Things More Confusing

While traveling underground may sound clandestine to some, it really is one experience that is memorable in a place such as Bangkok. Why add to the confusion that the crowds in Bangkok tend to create? Instead, hop on board the underground train and let it take you to where you wish to go. If you want to explore Bangkok and see it up close, you should book your hotel close to the MRT Bangkok. Make your trip easy and memorable. Have fun and see the sights by train.

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Things to Do in St Christopher’s Place

The enchanting streets of St. Christopher’s Place are perfectly tucked away giving you the opportunity to escape the crowds. St. Christopher’s Place is a square just off Oxford Street, an oasis of calm separate from the manic tourism common on Oxford Street. It has a relaxing village type feel to it. The shops and restaurants are small independent places not the huge chains expected on the typical high street.

Simply put, the area is quaint and picturesque; the type of places that feels like it couldn’t possibly exist, a secret refuge. If you’re not local and you’re simply trying to plan a little weekend break you’ll need somewhere to stay, the hotels are lovely but personally we suggest looking for St. Christopher’s Place apartments to rent for the duration of your break. Apartments are simply more homey and allow for a more comprehensive experience.

Bond Street is nearby and is known worldwide for its plethora of stores, brands, fashion, goods, jewelry, art and antiquities. You can find it a stones throw away from St. Christopher’s in Mayfair. Bond Street is a haven for financial hedonism. Since it was founded in the eighteenth-century Bond Street has been a playground for the elite. It is home to some of the most prestigious designers including Burberry, Chanel, Cartier and many more. Bond street combines history and elegance in an example of modern luxury. Even if you can’t quite afford the decadence it never hurt anyone to window shop!

Wig more Hall is an astounding concert hall which specialists in chamber and instrumental music as well as early music and song. The hall is over a hundred years old, and continues to offer music of an outstanding quality, but it also offers a wider variety of activities available to the community. Nestled in central London, Wig more brings music to life due to it’s soloists and chamber musicians – the hall also hosts a showcase for exceptional young artists. It remains an essential platform for artists.

Burlock is a rum room dedicated to the infamy of the spirit. There are over two hundred rums to choose from around the world. The atmosphere itself is lively and intoxicating, the rums themselves inspire much of the process, from the distillation to the flavour to the heritage. Just off Bond Street, the interior is decorated with vintage prints, a sipping salon and retro hairdryers. A veranda offers a prime opportunity to people watch. Book a table or just pop into the bar.

The Wallace collection is a free museum which displays amazing works of art in a historically accurate London townhouse. The collection was principally acquired in the nineteenth century by a couple of lords and a few marquesses. Twenty-eight rooms of history and art – to see it is to see true decadence.

There is plenty to see and do around St Christopher’s Place this Autumn. Take the leap. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

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The four best places you have to visit when you are in Ireland

Also known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is a land of rolling green hills, majestic mountains where you can uncover the mystical history of the Celts through its castle ruins, enchanted forests and the best pubs to visit and chug down a pint of ale. Truly, Ireland really is a place that is a wonder to behold.

If you are planning to visit Ireland anytime soon, you should check out this post that will give you the six best tourist spots that you should be visiting when you are there. This article is compiled by the best Scotland, England and Ireland golf tours.

  1. The Moher cliffs– This natural attraction is considered to be one of the most visited places in all of Ireland. The Moher cliffs face the great Atlantic Ocean like a towering guard of stone where you can perfectly take photos that are Instagrammable and worthy as your next profile picture. On top of the cliffs, you can check out the island’s iconic meadows made of green grass, while you can get a scenic view of the Galway Bay where the water crashes to the rock formation on the sea. The Cliffs of Moher is a towering 120-meters high that will surely offer you a captivating view of the entire coastline on Ireland’s side facing the Atlantic Ocean and the Aran Islands out in the sea.
  2. The town of Sligo– The small but very welcoming town of Sligo is a must-visit for tourists like you because it is known for its charming medieval structure and way of living of the folks there where you are taken back in time. You can visit medieval-style arched stone bridges, also abbeys that have lichen spots and the beautiful 19th-century townhouses that gives you the best countryside experience. You can also enjoy the natural beauty of the WB Yeats when you reach its peak where you can also see the monolith of the Knocknarea Mountain which is a mythic tomb of Queen Maedbh. The area is decorated with its centuries-old cairn stones that are covered with moss that is surely a breathtaking view on its own.
  3. Killarney National park– Situated amidst the great natural treasures of the Kerry County, the lush forest in Ireland known for its majestic red deer and other majestic animals is perfect for those who are looking for a trekking adventure where you will get to see swathes of centuries-old oak, yew, and an ashen forest.
  4. Dublin– If you are looking for a lively feel, you can always visit Dublin where the best pubs in the world are situated. Get to experience overflowing Guinness at the same time enjoy its Georgian architecture that is well-preserved. The capital of Ireland is filled with many great things to see, feel, and taste.
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Make Sure You Receive The Best Advice About The Immigration Process

If you or a family member is attempting to go through the immigration process, then you will know it can often be challenging, as well as potentially daunting. If you have never completed such a procedure before, then you may need to get to help early in the process, especially to complete the relevant paperwork. For more information about an immigration advice service in Leeds, you should think about consulting an online business directory which can provide you with the contact details of a number of lawyers in your area. Do not wait until it is too late to get advice about the immigration process as this could potentially influence your application.

Attempting to complete the immigration process can often be complicated while you will have to fill out a significant amount of paperwork. Furthermore, you may have to prove your financial and personal situation, meaning you must understand the various steps in the process in order to make sure you have the best chance of being successful. You should also be aware that a number of immigration lawyers have specialist knowledge about the various steps in the process to make sure your application goes as smoothly as possible. Therefore, in conclusion, if you are undertaking the immigration process, you should think about getting specialist advice to make the procedure as easy as possible.

  • Consult a lawyer for more information about the immigration process.
  • Make sure you complete all the paperwork correctly.
  • Understand that you may have to prove your personal or financial circumstances.
  • Enquire with a specialist lawyer to make sure you understand the entire process.

Finally, to make sure you receive the best advice possible about undertaking the immigration process, you should contact an immigration advice service for assistance.

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Best Road Trip in Romania

A road trip in Romania may be unheard of because usually people only visit Bucharest and then leave. There is so much more to Romania than just that or the famous Transylvania. With beautiful scenery and off-beaten paths, it’s worth going around this beautiful country. Simply rent a car and go off exploring. With correct planning, you can have the best trip of your life.

Is it difficult?

Not if you manage to rent a good car at a fair price. Do your research and look up trusted companies that have a positive reputation. After that whip out a map and plan out your journey. You just need a little dedication to make the journey happen. Make sure to bring along your camping equipment if you wish to save money. Besides money, some places just don’t have any hotels hence, you should bring your own temporary accommodation. To start this adventure make sure to book cheap tickets. You can visit website for more details.

Start in Bucharest

You can get off the airport here and get your rented car. Spend some days in this beautiful city. This city has some budget hotel where you can stay to save up some money as well. Then explore around, take in the sights and the beautiful architecture spread around the city. The iconic “roof” made of umbrellas on Pasagul Victoria street is sure to charm you. It doesn’t look as good when it snows so make sure to visit in summer or spring to really see the beauty of the colourful umbrellas. The golden domes of the famous St Nicolas Orthodox Church is one place with amazing architecture. You can also explore the Old Centre and Revolution Square to get a better idea of Romania’s past. If you want to shop for souvenirs or hip outfits then head to Unirea shopping centre. From top brands to quaint shops, it’s a delight to shop here. Once you’re done, make sure to stop by any one of the awesome cafes here to prepare for your journey ahead.

Stop By Peles Castle

Keep in mind that supermarkets are rare outside of big cities so make sure to stock up. On your way to Sighisoara, you’ll come across this castle frozen in time. The neo-renaissance castle stands grand, telling of bygone eras. It can get crowded here during peak seasons but trust me, it’s worth the visit.

Onwards to Sighisoara

This medieval city is actually a UNESCO heritage site and a hidden gem in the region of Transylvania. The charming old-timey architecture and cobbled streets are simply too much fun to explore. With many pastel coloured buildings as well as an iconic clock tower, you’ll get to learn a lot about Romanian history. You can also climb up the clock tower to get a nice view or if you’re feeling energetic then climb up 100 steps up a hill for a panoramic view. Accommodation here is also very vintage like so make sure you experience that.

Explore the area around Sighisoara

There are two-day trips you can go for here. For a nice view of the hills and the church plus a look at a sleepy village, head to Biertan. This village is something out of a gothic story, with an old church overlooking the whole place. Romania is full of gothic charm and natural beauty. If you have ample time, I highly suggest that you take the second day trip to Lake Balea as well. The roads aren’t exactly smooth and the weather can make the journey perilous so make sure to check if it’s safe to travel. Once you reach the lake, you can ride on a cable car for simply breath-taking views!

Check out Brasov and Mr Dracula’s castle

I know Brasov can get a bit too touristy but hey, that’s the charm. Walk around the Old Town to take in the history and learn about the fascinating heritage of the area. It’s quite easy to lose track of time sightseeing here, plus with many chain restaurants and local eateries, you can get a taste of their food as well. Then after that, go ahead and take a tour of the infamous castle. With a lot of legends and folklore surrounding it, it’s a pretty fascinating place. You can take a guided tour. And if you don’t like the supernatural aspect of it, then just marvel at the gorgeous views and its dark vibes.

Drive through the Transfagarasan Highway

On your way back to Bucharest, you should take the opportunity to drive on the most scenic road in the world. Sadly, if you’re visiting in the colder months, some parts of it would be snowed over hence it’ll be closed off. But if it’s available, you can check out Balea Waterfall, Vidraru Dam, and Poienari Castle on the way. The Poienari Castle is said to be the ruins of the real home of Vlad Dracula. While the Bran Castle is more popular, Vlad apparently never lived here! I suppose the author of the fiction novel Dracula had some influence.

The Vidraru Dam also has a very scenic lake. Due to it being a rather less visited place, you’ll find the whole place pretty tranquil. Feel free to stop and marvel at the scenery from time to time. After that, prepare yourself for a rather difficult part of the journey. It’s a bit tricky to get at the top of the Balea Lac. Once at the top, you’ll find some simple huts which provide food and basic accommodation for tourists. But the view! You can see the winding roads of the highway from up there. Plus the weather makes it feel like you’re standing in some atmospheric movie. The highway has a pretty cool history behind it too. You can read up on it while you sit in a beautiful environment and gaze over the peculiar winding roads of the highway.

Return to Bucharest

This concludes your scenic and adventurous journey. Feel free to chill out here for a while before you fly back home. From pastel coloured buildings to extreme gothic architecture, you won’t be forgetting the beautiful country like Romania any time soon.

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Why Travel Agents Are The Secret Ingredient Needed For Your Business Success?

In the 21st K generation, more and more business agencies are not wasting time and money on travel plans and arrangements. Instead of letting an administrative executive assist in corporate travel needs, the companies are depending on travel agencies that are taking complete care of the travelling of the clients. A successful streamlined business journey is essential for excellent outcomes. The businessmen understand it.

Travel agents are the secret ingredients for the success of the business houses.

Here is why:

  1. Overall caretaking of the business travels:

Helping the companies mapping out the travel related preparations is the prime responsibility of the professional travel agents. Booking flights, vehicles, train seats, transportation to and from the airport at the foreign country, arranging hotel rooms, etc. are taken care of excellently. They also help the client company employees’ visa and work permit to remain updated. Even, relocation of the staff to a new country, city, state, etc. are managed by the agents on behalf of the client.

  1. Delivery of up to date information:

For any successful business travel, the company should be aware of the latest information related to the travel details and the country or state the guests or employees are going to visit. A business travel agent has access to all the information concerning the client’s travel needs. Also, their online tools deliver the best-updated data to the clients and they can think deeply about the various factors that can influence the upcoming business trip. Information like flight timing, any delays, availability of tickets, schedule of the driver who is appointed for the client, etc. can be known. The travel agent can provide inside information that is not known to the general public.

  1. A real money saver:

Spending without keeping count is a big flaw in business concerns. To get rid of it, the corporate houses must appoint travel agents for business travelling matters. Itinerary changes can be done in little or no cost by these agents, whereas, the airlines or other transport authorities charge high for a rebooking, altering the flight or vehicle, etc. Thousands of pounds can be saved.

  1. Exciting perks and discounts can be availed:

The business travel agencies provide multiple benefits to their customers, one of which is remarkable discounts on flights, ground transportation, and hotels. They work in volume with the airlines and hotels of various countries giving them good business every year. Hence, they can offer better rates to the clients for their next business travel. The clients can avail restaurant vouchers, room up-gradation, complimentary food, flight/ vehicle upgrade, entry to the VIP zones, etc.

  1. True support during emergencies:

The business outcomes can be poor if in case the related travelling affairs get badly affected due to uncompromising reasons. The expert business travel agents can come to help in these emergencies to solve the problems no matter whether the client is travelling domestically or overseas. The agents get to work immediately after knowing the client’s current situation, location and the troubles he/she is facing. They will make use of their extended networks and sort out everything right for medical help or getting the client out of political upheaval, road blockage, and much more.

Any business house must give the travel arrangements’ responsibility to the travel agents for sure shot success.

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A guide to travel around China with a low budget

Asia is one of the few places where you can save more while traveling. Most people like to travel and explore new places, but their one true obstacle is the high budget required. You can travel around China on a low budget by choosing the best and most affordable China tour package. Here are some of the tips that you need to keep in your mind while traveling around China.

Choose a hostel instead of a hotel

The common thought is that most of the hostels lack privacy and are tidy and uncomfortable, which is completely untrue. There are hostels in China that are well-maintained and match the standards of popular hotels. Save money on accommodation by opting for hostels that are of high quality and are yet affordable.

Use the right cards

You don’t always have to pay in the currency of the country that you are visiting. A certain percentage of the amount to be paid is paid as an additional charge when you pay in a different currency. Pay using cards that offer a low exchange rate and in turn, save your money. Cards that offer a low exchange rate will be beneficial for you in the long run as well.

Choose trains over planes:

It is a fact that when you travel by train instead of a plane, you save 75% of the cost spent on traveling. And when you choose to travel during the night, you save the cost of accommodation. So, if you have enough time on your hand, prefer traveling via trains to save your money.

Do not spend more time in big cities

Remember that the money required to travel in the major cities in China is 2 to 4 times higher when compared to that required in comparatively smaller cities. So, choose the things you wish to do in big cities wisely. Or you can move around the country and explore more cities while saving the excess money spent in big cities.

China is one of the greatest places to enjoy nature and explore big cities as well. But the main concern of many people is their low budget. Money will not be a barrier if you plan well for a great trip. So, do proper research on China Tourism, plan your trip accordingly and have a trip of a lifetime.

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Family Fun at Universal Studios California!

Universal Studios in California is a fun place for a family vacation. If your family loves to get together and watch the latest blockbuster movies, then the rides here could surpass even Disney’s vaunted attractions. A trip to this great theme park is one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. While this is a theme park with many big rides for older kids, teens and adults, there are also fun things for small children. Regardless of the ages of your kids, take them to Universal for an exciting vacation.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

If you saw the Harry Potter movies, you’ll feel as though you became a cast member when you walk into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As you make your way through Hogwarts Castle to the Harry Potter rides like “Forbidden Journey,” you’ll be entertained with little IRL easter eggs like the potting shed that holds mandrake plants. You’ll see moving photographs and even a few of the school’s students.

This part of Universal also features Hogsmeade, the wizard town where you can purchase a wand and put it to good use, try unusual ice cream flavors, and buy your own wizard robe. Harry Potter world also has a rollercoaster called “The Flight of the Hippogriff.” Jump on board to float through the sky.

Other Universal Areas

Don’t miss the park’s studio tour. At Universal, the tram will take you to studios where your favorite movies were made. You’ll see the famous Bates Motel from the movie “Psycho,” and airplane wreckage from “War of the Worlds.”

Make time for the Jurassic World Ride. The dinosaurs are realistic and scary while the drop at the end is sure to give you a thrill.

“The Walking Dead” attraction will also give you a thrill as it brings this spooky show to life. Be sure to experience it with a loved one.

If you’re traveling with little kids, then make time for the DreamWorks Theatre. They’re sure to love the antics of Kung Fu Panda.

Where to Eat

For traditional New York pizza, head to Luigi’s. Along with pizza, you can get a salad, garlic knots, and sodas. At Universal Studios, you can also dine at the Three Broomsticks in Harry’s Wizarding World. Here, menu items include fish and chips and shepherd’s pie. And you won’t want to miss the famous Butterbeer. Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck is great when you need a taco on the run and Krusty Burger will serve you a tasty cheeseburger and fries, even if you generally don’t have a cow, man.

Hotels in Westlake Village, CA

Consider staying a bit outside of Hollywood to save some money and have a bit more space. With its grand and dynamic interior, the Hyatt Regency Westlake is the perfect place to stay during your Universal Studios family vacation. Featuring Mediterranean styling, the hotel’s décor provides a departure from your everyday life. The rooms are nicely appointed, and you’ll have access to a gorgeous outdoor pool along with fire pits surrounded by lounge chairs and sofas that are great for relaxing and connecting with loved ones after a long day.

If you’d rather stay right up close and personal with the park, the Sheraton Universal is a good choice. It’s near the highway, next to the entrance to Universal Studios. You can also take the metro to other Los Angeles attractions, like the Walk of Fame and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Theme Park Fun

Theme parks like Universal Studios are a great place to create family memories. Not only will your kids enjoy stepping into another world, but you’ll be glad you were along for the memories and fun.

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Kubu Beach Club: The New Sensation in Jimbaran

The Kubu Beach Club has become one of the most sensual experiences for guests of the AYANA Resort and Spa Bali, The Villas at AYANA and Rimba Jimbaran Bali by AYANA. Offering panoramic views of Jimbaran Bay, this place offers you the freedom of indulging in the romance of exquisite dining and ultra-luxurious in an oceanfront cabana. The beauty of AYANA Bali is a definition of the rich blessings of barefoot elegance served with sides of wonder and spirituality.

Bali beach clubs are more than just music. Delicacies served at Kubu Beach Club feature a rich mixture of international cuisine as well Balinese and Indonesian classics including Bakso balung which is an oxtail beef meatball soup, charcoal cheeseburgers or Rujak Gula which are seasonal fruits sprinkled with palm sugar and tamarind. These are either served with a glass of the classic Tiki and Arak based cocktails or simply an icy beer. Here is a closer look into Bali’s legendary beach club.


Nestled in one of the last remaining hidden white sand beach coves in Bali, Kubu Beach Club is only accessible through the 90-hectare estate owned by AYANA. It is only accessible to in-house guests of The Villas at AYANA, RIMBA Jimbaran Bali by AYANA and AYANA Resort and Spa. Kubu Beach Club is tucked away from the daily hustles of life thus giving you a chilled and relaxed experience where you can intertwine lazy afternoons in the sun with fun-filled memorable moments. Also get to enjoy the flawless sunset views on the horizon come dusk.


Kubu Beach Club Bali is designed to be a main attraction for dining and beachfront relaxing. Its supreme setting showcases an intrinsic Balinese architecture that are inspired by island elements such as traditional rooftops made with lontar leafs, shell, stone, wood and bamboo; the island’s aquamarine waters and dramatic limestone cliffs. Additionally, Kubu Beach Club is fully appointed with Balinese style Lean-to cabana, contemporary wooden deck, natural whole teakwood loungers and comfortable hammocks.

The AYANA’s recently installed an innovative cliff-side inclinator to service Kubu Beach Club. Therefore, you can either choose a quick 35-second ride or the dramatic 197-step journey up and down the inspiring cliff-front terrain.


The kitchen at Kubu Beach Club serves an assortment of simple local and international comfort dishes to accompany the traditional design. Foods on the menu range from traditional Balinese dishes including traditional pork or chicken satays, Rujak Gula, Bakso balung and signature rice dishes to the hearty favorites such as charcoal bun cheeseburgers and snapper ceviche. With an endless flow of fresh coconut water, ice cold beers and vintage Balinese Arak based classic cocktails and Tiki cocktails, the Beach Bar reflects the beauty of true Balinese camaraderie.

Other amenities

As a guest at any of the three AYANA hotels, you can expect an inside preview into the golden age of Kuta’s bygone era as the club offers amenities such as temporary tattoos, hair-braiding service and beachside massages performed under a coconut tree using natural coconut oil.

More info

Kubu Beach Club has a capacity of up to 80 guests. Therefore, you are encouraged to plan ahead when booking the place for events, private dining and beachfront cocktail parties for a small group of people. The club opens everyday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm with lunch service being served from 11:00 am. If you are planning to visit Bali with your family and you are a guest at AYANA, then you can enjoy the club’s delicious and comforting meals with your children.

A perfect holiday includes endless lounging on a sun bed with a cocktail or beer in one hand and a book in the other, but why not complement the two with some nice music and company. Inviting relaxation and inner peace, Kubu Beach Club is more than a mere getaway, you cannot stay at AYANA and not indulge in this luxury.

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4 Best Recommendations for Having Gala Time at Captiva Island

Captiva Island is known to have the best beach in Florida. This small stretch of land in the middle of the sea is a car drive destination from the Gulf Coast. So, you can have the fun right from the start by ditching the plane ride for a nature-obsessed car drive. Once you reach here, you can plan your stay at Captiva island rentals where you get spacious homes, serviced to perfection and easy access to the beach where you will be spending most of the time.

If you are wondering what you would do at Captiva Island, here are a few recommendations to help you have the best times.

  1. Relaxed stay in the vacation rentals

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Captiva Island rental company can offer you a royal stay with beautiful experience. The rentals are small homes, medium apartments and big condos; so, you have the best suited options to pick from. The serviced homes have all that it takes to have a relaxed time during vacation.

  1. Fun visit to Bubble Room

This is the eating joint but more famous for candies, ice-creams and cakes than the conventional meals. When you are accompanied with kids, Bubble room offers plethora of options and helps you have fun-filled moments with your little angels.

  1. Sun-baths at the beaches

Wanting to soak in the nature and also the sun, you can assign one morning to spending time at decks in beaches. Or have rugs of your own and spend time doing nothing but watching waves crushing the shore.

  1. Dolphin cruise

The excitement will know no bounds when you will find your boat right amidst the dolphins. You can have the best of the views of dolphins and you will easily fall in love with the innocent ways through which these creatures try to catch your attention.

So, if you are a sea-lover, choose Captiva Island as your vacation spot this season. This spot is easy to reach and great fun for all family members.